Sunday, January 13, 2013

Persephone Grief: Spying

The American Sanctuary, 2013
Persephone snuck through the Sanctuary, careful to be quiet. She was invisible, but people could still hear her. As she slipped through the hallways, she caught little half-conversations, but none seemed to be of any use to her. Men and women rushed past her, and she pressed against the walls. Her hand tightened on the letter opener she had swiped from the desk. As Persephone passed a doorway she heard voices inside.
"What action is the Sanctuary taking? May I go after him?"
This could be important. She slipped inside the room. Grand Mage Kerias was talking to a tall, young woman who Persephone had never seen before.
"We will be fighting him. If you feel like going after him then you can, but I want dibs on killing him."
Who are they talking about?
"Of course. I will leave immediately, and I swear on my life I won't attempt to kill him. Thank you, Grand Mage."
The woman walked quickly out of the room, almost bumping into Persephone, who jumped out of the way.
She seems out of it. I wonder what's going on.
Kerias is alone. I could take her. Persephone touched her scar, and readied her letter opener.
Persephone glimpsed Shrewd sitting at his desk. He was talking on the phone, and seemed rather angry at someone. And it wasn't her, for once.
"Have you found the body yet?"
"If he's still alive, he can share that information. This could ruin everything!"
What on earth is going on?
"Well, look harder. And-" Shrewd stopped suddenly, obviously interrupted. "Yes, she's down in Room 249. I sent Empathy Thyme down to ask her a few questions."
A man swept past Persephone into the office.
"Mr Shrewd! Grief is gone! Thyme says she was held at knife-point."
"You let her escape? Do you know how dangerous she is? Alright, get some Cleavers looking for her. Move!"
The man backed out of the room, and ran off in the direction he had come from. Shrewd stood up and strode out of his office. As he passed her, Persephone whispered:
"Goodbye Marcus." He spun around, but by that point, Persephone was halfway to the door, and out of the Sanctuary before he could yell for a Cleaver.


  1. Oh my Golden God! That was amazing!
    Where is she going now?

  2. I really liked it! Great writing, and I like how she whispered to Marcus Shrewd at the end :) Good name for him btw.
    On another note... please don't kill me. I promise I won't set any donkeys or dragons on your brother.