Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lavender Hope: Getting to Ireland

Lavender Hope was in a back alley, in the form of a wolf, snarling at the man trapped at a dead end.
"What do you know of Mevolent's plans?" she thought at him.
"Don't know." He tried sounding indifferent, but Lavender could still hear the shaking in his voice and smell his fear. She snapped her jaws, making him whimper. "Okay, okay! He's going to attack all the Sanctuaries at once. Please don't kill me!"
Lavender ignored the plea. "When?"
The man whispered, "I don't know."
Lavender sighed. "Lucky for you, I'm not a murderer. But if you tell him anything about this meeting, I know a friend who loves to get her hands dirty. Breathe a word of this, and I'll see to it you never breathe again." Lavender snapped her jaws again for good measure, then turned and padded away. Leaving him cowering at the dead end.

* * *

Lavender, in human form, paced in her room, wondering whether to see the Elder of the west coast US Sanctuary or go to Ireland and tell her mother. Her mother, Sorlia Merogue, worked in the American Sanctuary, keeping files on almost every sorcerer in the world, but mainly criminals and magical troublemakers. She was called to Ireland to assist gathering information on Mevolent, so Lavender was trying to help in America. She thought back to the conversation with the man in the alley.
She hoped he didn't notice her lie. Of course she wouldn't send Ivy Animosity after him. That would be worse than killing him herself, because she would be a coward to ask someone else to do it. She didn't like killing at all, really, but she would if she had to.
Thinking of Ivy, she decided try going to Ireland first. Grand Mage Kerias could handle America well enough for now.
Lavender took out her cell phone and hit speed dial. After two rings, a groggy, but annoyed, voice answered.
"Ivy? I have a favor to ask you."
"Does it involve killing someone?"
Lavender hesitated before replying, "Um, no. I need you to teleport me to Ireland."
"It's two in the morning. Why are you up so early?" Lavender looked at the clock. She hadn't noticed how much time had passed since she came home from interrogating the man.
"Wolf senses are still running in me, I guess." Lavender replied. "What about you? I thought you don't get tired."
Ivy answered, sounding more awake but still annoyed. "I got a break. And I was planning to use it." Then she sighed. "Why don't you ask someone else to teleport you? Why me?"
"Well, I consider you a friend and I don't know any other teleporters..." Lavender's voice trailed off.
"What about Fletcher?"
"I don't know him! Yeah, he's famous, but he doesn't count."
"You know why I don't want to ask him."
"Right, you haven't met her yet."
"Please Ivy? Can't you do me this one favor?"
Lavender heard Ivy sigh, "Fine." Then in a flash of blue light, Ivy appeared in the room.
Ivy was wearing all black, making her skin look as pale as a ghost. She had her arms crossed, but on her face was a smirk. "Still as short as ever."
Although Lavender was three years older than Ivy, she was fairly short for her age, making her look younger than sixteen. Ivy loved making a joke of that because for once, she was taller than someone. And that someone happened to be older than her.
"Yeah, yeah. Can we go?"
"Where to? Wait- never mind. You want to go to Roarhaven?" Ivy read Lavender's thoughts.
Lavender nodded as Ivy took her wrist and teleported a block away from the Roarhaven Sanctuary. "This is as close as I'm getting to there."
"Thanks, Ivy. Really." Lavender smiled. Then a thought popped into her head.
"Yeah, I know." Ivy said, reading them again.
"You're not with him, are you?"
"I haven't decided yet." Ivy shrugged.
"Please, Ivy. Whatever you do, be safe. Okay?"
Ivy hesitated before slowly nodding. "Yeah. Sure. You too." And in a flash of blue light, she teleported away.
Lavender looked at the entrance to the Sanctuary and sighed. What am I really getting into, she wondered.


  1. My side is fun! We get to blow stuff up with oil and alcohol! And then drink wine!
    I love being drunk!

  2. Thanks guys!

    Not as interesting as some of your chapters though...

    I tried making it a little funny, but I guess it was a bit serious. I'm pretty serious when I write...

  3. Oh my God, I love the height part. That was brilliant. I love it.

    And yes, you got Ivy right :D

    1. I thought you would. :) Thank you so much!

      Yay! I got her right! :D

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