Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mevolent: Grand Mage Kerias

(Wherever Mevolent was set it in time frame after and its after Zafira meeting Arwtha)

Mevolent hated the thought of going to America, but as the object was to gain he figured it was worth it. He got off the subway system in Manhattan and headed towards the gated community. Well not gated really it was a community of sorcerers who lived there and also the home of Zafira Kerias. Mevolent slipped in easily the only way to get in was if you had magic. There were no guards here. Mevolent stayed hidden and took the darkest streets he doubted any of the Americans knew what he looked like since he personally never was on the east coast. In a small park he found who he wanted, Zafira Kerias. The Grand Mage was laying by a fountain listening to an iPod. Mevolent didn't understand why she would be here at the late hour. He came up behind her easily towering over her. Her eyes widened the headphones dropping straight out of her.
"What....what do you want?!" She exclaimed shadows now coiling around her. Mevolent looked down at her.
"To speak to you." Zafira jumped up and backed away unable to even speak. She went to speak then her words got caught in her throat
"Speak, Zafira. I am not going to kill you" The Grand Mage shook her head
" killed my father how can I believe that?" She stammered. Mevolent could tell just by her face she was petrified of him.
"I will not kill you" He repeated softly he was not lying, he wasn't killing her now but he knew if the plan tonight worked, someone would. Zafira managed to calm down to make sense
"What do you want Mevolent?"
"You Zafira. If you come quietly there will not be as much torture. " The Grand Mage shook her head again backing away.
"NO! I swear to God I will not join you!" She screamed attempting to run. Mevolent sighed and flew over her landing in front of her. Her attempt at escape was pitiful. Zafira sent a fistful of shadows at him. They hurt but not too bad. Mevolent summoned a flame and sent it hurling at her catching her leg. The Grand Mage cried out and shadow walked. Mevolent waited patiently for the shadows to form. A few feet away she appeared Mevolent sent the air rocketing into her sending her crashing into the fountain. Zafira got up cursing him and a wave of darkness hit him. Painful. The water in the fountain soon wrapped around Zafira only leaving her head free. She thrashed trying to get free. Mevolent knew it would be pointless for her. After a while he let the water free and Zafira tried to run. Slightly enjoying the Grand Mage's fear he sent fire after her getting her. He drew a sword, it was not the God-Killer since he planned to capture her alive. Zafira took one good look at the sword and drew her knife. Darkness engulfed Zafira as she sent waves of darkness at Mevolent. She missed by an inch taking advantage of her moment of shock he stabbed her in her dominant arm. She forgot about the knife and ran. Mevolet made a wall around her using air. It was fun to watch her struggle. Mevolent grabbed the handcuffs and made the air part. He cuffed her one wrist.
"I hate you" She growled.
"I'm sure you'll enjoy Ireland." Mevolent said flying with her staying hidden in the night sky. Despite her hatred for him Mevolent noticed she clung to him. So much for her. Deep down he knew this was good having the Grand Mage of America captured.


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  4. Good chapter :) I can't wait to see the rest of it.

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