Sunday, January 13, 2013

Maralie Lily Charm - My Little Ponies...?

I tried to make this funny but also sad and scary so... Enjoy I guess! :P
~ Mara x

Maralie gasped at the scene of destruction in front of her.

"MY MY LITTLE PONIES!" she screamed, running towards them.

"NO!" she shrieked as she tried to put a pink-coloured pony's head back on."FLUTTERBY!"

She fell backwards and kicked her legs angrily. "DAMN YOU MEVOLENT! YOU MY LITTLE PONY MURDERER!"


Maralie turned her head towards the door to see her friend, Molliana Dust, blinking at her. "Is this a bad time?"

"MEVOLENT KILLED MY PONIES!" Maralie cried in dismay.

Molliana almost choked on air. "That's what you're upset about?"

"Yes," Maralie replied curtly, lying face-down on the floor.

"Charmeleon," Molliana sighed, "Mevolent is trying to kill us all, and you're worried about your My Little Ponies?!"

"Didn't I just confirm that?" Maralie snapped.

Molliana took a step back. Maralie was fierce when she got angry.

"Mara, calm," Molliana winced.

"NO!" Maralie screamed, pelting her fists at the floor, having a mini temper-tantrum.

Never mind mini, this was like a volcano exploaded. Maybe two.

"Maralie!" Molliana scolded.

"Shut up!" Maralie screamed at her.

Molliana sighed and looked Maralie in the eyes. "It's your fault they died."

Maralie froze. Her fists stopped hitting the floor and just lay on the ground, unmoving.

"Sorry I had to do that," Molliana whispered.

Tears dripped down Maralie's cheeks. "You said you'd..."

"Never use it against you unless you got out of control," Molliana clarified.

Maralie closed her eyes and teleported away, leaving Molliana wishing she'd never said those words.


"Mum?" Maralie called, skipping down the stairs excitedly. She had finally been able to create a flame! She was so happy. Maybe her mother would be proud of her? Her mother didn't approve of the 'magic' and neither did her father, but Maralie wouldn't listen to them. She had taken the name Maralie Lily Charm instead of her old name, Lily Parker. She had learned of magic off her babysitter and friend, Molliana Dust. Molliana was only 14, 7 years older than Maralie. Even so, they were very close friends.

"Lily, stay upstairs!" came her father's frantic voice. Maralie tilted her head and came downstairs anyway, ignoring her father's warning. She heard Daisy, her younger sister who also believed in magic, playing upstairs and decided to leave her there. She would be alright. Of course she would. She had her powers. She had taken the name Daisy Chain to hide her own name, Kailee. She'd be fine. Wouldn't she?

Maralie walked into the sitting room and her heart stopped beating as she saw her mother on the floor.


"Lily!" her father yelled.

Maralie looked up to see a man drop her father. He crumbled to the ground, his limbs twisted in angles that shouldn't be even possible.

"It's your fault they died," said the man, before jumping out the window and leaving Maralie collapse to the ground and start crying.


Maralie sobbed as she curled up into a ball in some shop in O' Connell's Street. She couldn't believe Molliana would do that. Mollie, her friend. The 21 year old Necromancer. Maralie couldn't believe it.

Maralie heard a crash and yelped as Serpine came into the shop. She stuffed her fist into her mouth as she struggled to stay quiet.

"Death?" Serpine called.

Maralie frowned. Death Rose? But how was she...

She was Serpine's daughter. Of course.

After Serpine had looked around, he sighed and walked past Maralie's hiding spot. She was hiding underneath a clothes rack. It was a huge mess in here, broken glass everywhere and clothes ripped and flung around like rag dolls.

Unfortunately, Maralie let out a sob.

Serpine twitched, as if he had heard her. Maralie closed her eyes. Stupid, stupid!

Her leg was yanked on and she was pulled out. She didn't dare make any noise. Serpine could kill her instantly.

"Another enemy of ours," Serpine sighed, almost in sadness. "Such a pity. Oh well. I'm sure Mevolent would love to see you tortured."

With a squeak of horror, Maralie was carried away.


  1. I can't wait to see what happens next. Great job Mara!

  2. I really liked it. Poor Maralie, having to see that.
    NO! TWILIGHT SPARKLE! (Hey, I babysit five-year olds, okay?)
    I like Molliana's character, she seems cool.


    You succeeded in your funny/scary/sadness mission by 150%. :)

  4. *Squeaks*
    That was amazing Mara! Really amazing!
    Great job! I wonder why dad was looking for me... Was this when I was drunk? Well, I don't remember!

  5. Oh, NOOOO!!! MARA!!!!!