Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gale Blaze and Esra Sunshine: Sneaking

Gale sighed. He was new to these halls, as was Austin. The two of them were sneaking around the darkened halls in silence, looking for something.
"This is ridiculous!" the redheaded elemental finally exclaimed. "We hardly know what we're even looking for or where to find it, and even if we did, we wouldn't know where to find where we'd find it!"
Austin shushed him as politely as he could. "Arachne and Cadence said look for information."
"What does that even mean? Where are they, anyway?"
"You heard what they said."
Gale had, but he didn't think it was cool to listen to people like them. He hardly listened to Baritone when he was around him. Arachne was well aware that this area was out of bounds and everyone else knew she was well aware. He was pretty certain Cadence's job was to get as close to Mevolent as possible. He had no idea how she planned to do that. Gale heaved a sigh and hugged himself. He had been at the stupid place for a few days now and the whole time the only people he had seen were Austin Baritone and Arachne. He had hardly even seen Cadence and he was beginning to grow jealous of the obvious affection she had for the other man. She was too old for him anyway, surely. Gale could easily tell she was older. "Austin, d'you think he'll buy our 'we got lost' story?"
"Not sure. If the person who does discover us believes it, will we still be in deep sh-" He stopped to listen curiously to a whistling in a nearby room. He didn't recognise the tune.
"I remember when this song first came out." Gale mumbled wistfully. "I have loads of Nickelback albums back home."
"This guy's murdering the tune."
"It's recognisable, but I wish people would only whistle if they could carry a tune in it."
Something clattered to the ground in the room. The whistler stopped and swore.
"Well...thank God for that..."
Austin shushed Gale less politely this time. There was an awkward silence as they hurried back the way they came, away from the room with the whistler. "No." Gale hissed, grabbing Austin and forcing him down a different path and through another door. "There was someone coming that way." He explained simply at the slightly angry look the necromancer gave him. Austin shrugged and turned to look at the room he had been forced into. The room was pretty empty, but there were a few filing cabinets. He opened one and took out a handful of files, slapping them on the desk with widening eyes. They were files on the people Mevolent wanted targeted. Each and every one of them, every little detail known about them and who was felt to be the best suited to go after them. "They're sending my sister after Dexter Vex!" he whined. He passed the elemental the files and opened the other cabinet, which contained files on the people working with Mevolent. "And they've marked her as untrustworthy..." he passed some files to Gale with a grin. "We've already hit the jackpot. We need to get these to Arachne."


Every science-magic user got their own personal little room to do as they wished when it wasn't being used for medical purposes, providing they agreed to use their magic to help in terms of medicine. Or at the very least that was what his father had told Esra. Either way, Esra had his little office where he could sit secluded with his science-magic and his other things. He could choose who had access to his office and who didn't. The problem was he was a pretty sadistic man, and he wasn't afraid to admit it either, he decided as he poked the vampire limb with a scalpel. He knew a vampire. He didn't like it, but he did. He did worse things in here than poke vampire limbs, of course. Right now he was just trying to get out of guard duty at the cells. Why did they even trust him down there? Last time he had nearly killed everyone they needed but for one woman and a family of rats. They annoyed him. He didn't like people who annoyed him. Even so, that was a one off just to make sure he never had to do guard duty again, and it didn't work. He was a smart young man. This hiding was beneath him. Oh well, he thought as he picked up a needle and thread and began to get to work on another of his projects. He liked his projects. He liked how the only people who could interrupt him were people he trusted implicitly...and maybe family...and that one person who brought coffee. Of course, it was when he thought about the coffee person that he knocked over the cup he already had on the corner of the table. It would have been fine if he didn't keep stupid things on the floor. As it was, he swore and grabbed a dirty rag off the side to try and mop up the mess he'd made before his research became illegible or his girlfriend's jacket stained. That was when he heard the voice.

He abandoned the coffee emergency and crept over to the door. It was an unfamiliar voice, and he only knew two people allowed down there he had never heard speak, but one of them was a woman and the other never spoke for a reason. It was probably nothing, and he didn't want to get caught dodging his assigned job, but the idea of a stranger in the halls unsettled him a little. The stranger could have been from the other side there to hurt him, or it could be someone waiting for him to emerge so that they could drag him kicking and screaming to his post, of it could have been someone with a grudge on him, that was likely, or worst of all, a psychiatrist...he forced down all these paranoid ideas. He would have had to have left the little room eventually anyway. Making sure there was no blood in his hair, he poked his head out to see who dared come down into his halls. When he caught sight of the person striding purposefully towards him, he was not happy.


  1. EVERYBODY is putting songs into these chapters. YAY!

    I mean, I didn't have a clue what that one was, but still. :)

    It's an awesome chapter. No other way to put it. :) I love both sides of the story.

  2. Nickelback... Great artist... Great chapter too!

    And when you say sister...?