Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aretha Tesla/Zafria Kerias: The Grand Mage

Croatoan teleported me into Manhattan, a few blocks away from the Sanctuary. "Good luck, hero." He murmured mockingly as he turned away. It was amazing how well he could just dissapear into a crowd- especially considering the long worn leather coat of his. It wasn't exactly inconspicuous. In any case, he didn't have to go very far- just someplace a little less crowded so he could do whatever he did when he was watching me. Even I didn't know all that much about him- just that he was powerful, and had a  good number of abilities. God only knows how. But sometimes he shapeshifted into a crow so he could keep an eye on me- I expected he would be doing that, as birds won't get a second look in the city.

For once, I hadn't left a note for my parents- they thought I was away on a trip to observe nature. I mean, that was what I was supposed to be doing, but I spent a lot more time in the magical community than anywhere else. Not that they needed to know...

I only walked for about five minutes before I reached the sanctuary- an apartment that had 'Under Construction' written all over it, both physically and metaphorically. I slipped inside and headed down the stairs, my head focusing on anything but Mevolent. It was laughable, really- the Sanctuary underground in as big a city as this. Hundreds of thousands of mortals came and went every day, unaware that a whole other world existed literally under their noses.

Finally I reached the Administrator, and I couldn't hide the horrible truth from myself anymore. I swallowed, gathering my thoughts, and declared my intentions. "I'm here to seek audience with the Grand Mage. Is she here?"

"Do you have an appointment?"

"No, but it's urgent. Incredibly urgent. The fate of the world could be at stake. I need to see her."

The Administrator looked at me skeptically, and all but brushed me off as she turned away. "I'll see if she can squeeze you in." She offered, and I could only hope she would convey the importance of this meeting to Zafria.

Zafira Kerias sat looking at the file. If she stared maybe it would go away. It didnt. The Administrator came in to her office
"Are you free?"
"Yes why?" Zafira asked.
"A mage wishes to see you" The Adminostrator explained. Zafira nodded and left the office the shadows coiling around her neck but not hurting her. The Administrator saw Aretha
"The Grand Mage will speak with you" And then led Aretha to the office Zafira waited in. Upon seeing Aretha enter the Grand Mage grinned
"Come to tell me Mevolent is back? Ravel of Ireland beat you by five hours"
For a moment my hazel eyes opened wide with surprise, but I recovered quickly. "My sincerest apologies for my tardiness."  I said honestly. Then continued, "What action is the Sanctuary Taking?" I paused for a moment, wondering whether or not it was rude to suggest such, then decided I didn't care and continued, "May I go after him?"
Zafira nodded at her latenes
"I understand" Zafira listened quietly. She did know what to do but she wasn't sure what it would mean.
"We will be fighting him if you feel like going after him then you can but I want dibs on killing him."
A flicker of... Something passed behind my eyes, and I nodded. "Of course. I will leave immidiately, and I swear on my life I won't attempt to kill him. Thank you, Grand Mage." And with that I left, my head spinning. Some part of me was excited. I would be facing one of the most powerful mages known to the Earth. Some part of me was also scared out of my wits. Not of dying, but of failing.
I had faith that the Grand Mage could kill Mevolent, but what if I found him torturing one of my friends? I couldn't just watch... But I didn't even know if I would be capable of killing him to begin with. In any case, I had the clearance I wanted, and Croatoan watching my back, so things couldn't get too terrible. At least, that was what I thought.


  1. That's so cool how both of you wrote it! :)

    If not for the changing fonts thing, I'd've said that it slotted together pretty well . . .

  2. Nicey nice nice!!!

  3. Aretha and Zaf! What do your characters look like?

  4. Yeah, sorry about the fonts... I'll fix it as soon as I know how. I guess text doesn't transfer well from email into Blogger... Anyway, I'm glad you like it! I can't answer this for Zaf because I don't know what she looks like, but... The way I designed Aretha, she's literally me if I had powers. We are in a way the same being- we certainly have the same appearance. However, I am notoriously awful at taking pictures, so I'll have one of my friends take one tomorrow and show you guys.

  5. Cool, Aretha and Zaf! Like how you worked together. :)

    I'm finally posting my bit now!

    It's interesting that you're the latest post cause I was just thinking of Grand Mage Kerias... In my chapter.

  6. Im home ok:

    Zafira is tall dark hair dark eyes nowadays she wears her black armor which is tight on her very similar to Valkyrie's clothes magic wise

  7. I'm scared now, I have no idea what will happen!