Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shaida Neverlyss: Sympathetic Magic

     Siren Cacophony looked like any ordinary little eight-year-old girl. Her blonde bangs covered the scars on her forehead, and with her circle of dolls around her, she appeared to be peacefully playing. Ignoring the fact that it was nearly midnight in an alley eerily lit by moonlight, the average mortal would be forgiven for thinking she was a little sweetie. The average mortal would have no way of knowing that the circle of figurines represented Sanctuary agents from all over the world, and some of Mevolent's as well.
     Siren's power was sympathetic magic, making a smaller version of something to influence it. It had once been ventriloquism and voice manipulation, but her training in that discipline had been cut unfortunately short. Her hand went to her forehead, and she remembered the knife ten years before.
     The symbol for silence, a curved zipperesque shape was still there. Siren frowned. She had a score to settle with certain members of Mevolent's army. She picked up a figurine of Duchess Sinistra and turned its head backwards, smiling as it clicked into place.
     All the way across the Atlantic, Sinistra Firedrake was reviewing plans with Mevolent, when she stopped suddenly.
     What am I doing, she thought to herself. Why am I planning to destroy millions of people? This is just plain wrong.
     "Is everything alright?" Mevolent's voice was right next to her ear. Sinistra jumped.
     "There appears to have been with my breakfast, my lord. Would you be so kind as to give me leave to take immediate action against the kitchen staff?"
     He laughed. "How very like you, Sinistra, my dear. Very well, we shall continue planning in an hour or so. I have an...annoyance to deal with."
     "Thank you, my lord." Sinistra bowed and left the room.
     Her head ached, fighting internally with itself. Should she stop now? Should she join the Sanctuary in defeating Mevolent? Or should she kill? Killing was in her blood, why had she even considered otherwise? There must have been something off with breakfast after all.
     Duchess Sinistra strode in the direction of the kitchen, ready to enjoy herself. I won't let myself be influenced by silly mind magic, I'm too powerful, she thought to herself and gloated.