Friday, January 11, 2013

Zafira Kerias: The Choice

Zafira looked at the file. No it was not true no it couldn't, it was. Mevolent. Zafira closed her eyes and counted to ten. How do you handle this? As Grand Mage it was up to her and the fellow Elders to actually keep things like this from mortals except how do you if the man you want dead wants mortals to know? Zafira envied Bisahalani for not dealing with this. She stood and went to walk. New York City was in itself different. Her walk took her to the part where sorcerers lived in the city. As she walked a man followed her, when the Grand Mage was in the park he spoke,
"Grand Mage? May I have a word?" He asked. Zafira turned and looked at him she knew him, Javier Fyreheart.
"What Javier?" She growled.
He smiled "Ah Zaf I come to make you an offer. To join Mevolent before he captures all of the Elders." Zafira shook her head
"Are you crazy? He killed my father! No!" She exclaimed. Javier took one look and Zafira started screaming her vision showed her nightmares of her father dying. All in a second it ended Javier spoke softly
"Are you sure, Grand Mage?" He asked once again. Zafira punched him square in the face.
"Listen Javier and listen closely; u I will never join Mevolent unless I'm dead. You assaulted me with your magic I suggest you run before I kill you" She said calmly. Javier shook his head
"You Elders are stubborn! I tried to save you my love" And with that Javier ran. Zafira stood in the center of the path
"I swear over my father's dead body I will never join Mevolent." She vowed. She shadow walked out. Time ticking. She was not dying unless she took Mevolent with her.


  1. C'est Fabi et Shai.
    Nice job, Zafira!!!!
    Trés bien!!!!XD

  2. Thanks! I know some characters are unknown but ill evetually explain them

  3. Great job! I wouldn't expect any less from my Grand Mage. Also, I'm coming to find you now, so if you want to work on the next chapter together, tell me here or send me an email or something. Only if you want to- otherwise I'll come up with another turn for my story to take. :) This is getting really intense!