Friday, January 11, 2013

Persephone Grief: Rules

Persephone Grief stood in the corner. The room was dark, damp, and cold, and not exactly where she wanted to be. There was one nice thing in the room, and that was the bag full of money.
"I killed him. Now give me the money."
"We wanted to ask you to do another job. Your skills would be most helpful. All we need to do is have you sneak in somewhere and listen in. It would be quite simple for one of your....talents." Persephone did not know who the speaker was. This bothered her more than she let on. Unknown factors were dangerous, and she made it her business to know about everyone. Except obviously this man. When he hired her, she had gone to various sources for information about him. There was nothing to be found. This man did not exist in the normal channels.
"I'm not a spy," This came out rougher than she had intended. "I'm an assassin. I don't do information."
"We can pay you quite a lot. Imagine never having to worry about money again." Persephone was ashamed to admit that she nearly caved right there. But she had her pride and her instinct, and both were telling her to get out of there.
"I'm afraid I have other...tasks to attend to. However, I may take this offer into consideration."
"Don't you want to know what our...offer is?" Persephone almost asked him who this 'we' was. But that was the second rule. Don't ask them information up front, or you'll end up dead.
"I cannot take it, so why bother asking?"
"Do you know, we could help you? That scar for instance, you would never be stared at again. It's your one recognizable feature, shouldn't an assassin want to blend in?"
Persephone nearly took the offer right there, but something about this seemed wrong. And she hung out with sorcerers.
"Tell me the job. But if I don't like it...."
"Understood. We would simply want you to keep an eye on the American Sanctuary."
"Let me get this straight. You not only want me to spy, my target is the Sanctuary? Might I remind you they'd recognize me?"
"Isn't that a point in your favor? I know you've worked for them, they'll think you've been hired for another job."
"Even the American Sanctuary isn't disorganized enough to allow Persephone Grief wander their halls." Persephone snapped. As she turned to leave, the smooth voice stopped her.
"And what about your brother? What will we do with him if you do not assist us."
Persephone froze. They had her brother. And they would kill him if she didn't help. She took a deep breath and turned around.
"I'll take the job. But I want the money too."

Rule Number One: Protect Gustav.


  1. I love it! Poor Persephone :( You write really well.

    1. Thanks Saph :)

      Gustav is the name that my brother chose in real life

  2. Wowza!
    [drools for more]

  3. Really cool, Seph!(this might get a bit confusing, knowing Sapphire's nickname is SAph, so can I call you Sev again?)

    American Sanctuary! My mom works there!(character's mom, of course.)

  4. This is awesome!!! I actually feel pretty empathetic here because I'm really protective of my brother- the first time I ever killed someone was in his defense. This is really awesome though! I can't wait to find out who "we" is!

  5. Sev, you can assassinate Leila Nightshade, if you want. (Shai okays it)

  6. Leila and/or Arsenic would be good...
    The sanctuary would want them out of the way, because they keep raising Mevolent's allies.
    You officially have permission to attack and/or kill them.
    ~Fabi -Shai