Saturday, January 12, 2013

Maralie Lily Charm - Teleporting Saves Lives

****IS RUBBISH!****

Maralie Lily Charm sat down with her knees to her chest, rocking slowly. She was outside in the middle of O' Connell Street in Dublin, near the Spire.

Her sister Daisy was beside her, pale as a ghost and shivering.

"Don't worry Dai," Maralie whispered, "I'm sure Mevolent will be defeated. Someone will kill him..."

Daisy clung to Maralie and let out a sob. "Mara, what if-"

"Shh," Maralie hushed her sister. "There is no 'what if's."

Daisy nodded and looked up. "That's Whiskers!" she gasped as she ran towards the small kitten.

Maralie screamed in terror as Mevolent appeared in front of her.

"Daisy!" she shrieked.

Daisy screamed, falling back with the cat in her hands. Mevolent gestured and Daisy's body exploded.

"No!" Maralie screamed in horror. She stumbled backwards and tried to concentrate enough so she could teleport.

"Well well well," Mevolent said as he came closer. "Miss Maralie Lily Charm."

Maralie gasped as he stood in front of her and she fell to the ground.

"Was that your sister back there?" Mevolent continued.

Maralie let out a sob as she covered her eyes. The bloody scene behind Mevolent was enough to make anyone break down, never mind Maralie.

"Daisy Chain, am I right?"

Maralie whimpered.

"Words, Maralie."

"Y-Yes," she whispered.

"You were close," Mevolent nodded, more to himself than her. "Very close."

"She was my sister," Maralie muttered. "Of course we were close."

"Excuse me?" Mevolent narrowed his eyes.

"Kestrel!" Maralie screamed as she scrambled back. "Fabi! Anyone!"

Mevolent leaned in closer and Maralie suddenly disappeared.

"Fabi?" Maralie gasped as she fell back against a stone wall. "Kestrel? Saphy? Sev?"

"Mara?" someone said from beside her. Maralie jumped and clicked her fingers, generating light.

"It's me, Fabi," said the voice. A girl came out of the darkness and Maralie sighed in relief.

"Fab," she said, walking over. "Mevolent almost had me..."

"Same with me," Fabi nodded quickly. "Are you hurt?"

Maralie automatically rubbed the long burn along her back. "No," she lied. "Are you?"

"Meh," Fabi shrugged. "Not really. Just aches."

Maralie heard a scream and her eyes widened.

"Is that...?"

"Mevolent," Fabi uttered the word and the girls were deadly silent.

Whoever could make Mevolent scream like that would have to be strong.

"I'm not looking," Fabi shook her head.

Maralie crept along, her whole body shaking. She wished she had tied up her hair. It was too long and knotted. Stupid hair.

She saw a man fall and squeaked.

"Fabi!" she whispered frantically.


"That's Solomon Wreath!"

Fabi muttered a curse under her breath and grabbed Maralie's shoulder.

"Teleport to the safest place you know."

Maralie nodded and squeezed her eyes shut.

A few seconds later they were in Maralie and Kestrel's house.

"Where's Kestrel?" Fabi asked.

"I don't know," Maralie swallowed, sitting down on the stairs.

The door burst open and the two girls screamed as a dark figure came into the house.

"Mara!" Fabi screamed.

Maralie shrieked and grabbed onto Fabi, teleporting away.

Maralie sat next to the Spire and tried to get her breath back.

"Oh my God," Fabi mumbled, swaying a bit.

"I know," Maralie shuddered.

"Nowhere is safe," Fabi sighed, sitting beside Maralie.

Maralie started singing softly as the girls hugged each other.

"I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth..."

"Why are you singing?" Fabi asked her quietly.

"I want to die doing the thing I love most," Maralie smiled sadly, sniffling as tears fell down her cheeks.

"Oh," Fabi said as Maralie continued singing.

"I'm in love with you, and all your little things..."


  1. The rubbish warning is inaccurate, Mara. That was great!
    Poor Daisy...

    1. Uh, it is rubbish...


    2. The rubbish warning is what's rubbish. In fact, it is a menace to society!!!!
      [waves arms dramatically]

  2. Requesting permission to remove the rubbish warning! This was awesome! I just... Daisy... No... T.T

  3. Rubbishness warnings tend to be the main things that drag a chapter quality down whether the chapter itself is good or bad. The removal of such a warning would bring up the quality of the rest of the chapter because the warning gives the illusion that the author is not giving their all.

    I love the idea. It's rather thrilling, I think. I can't wait to find out what happens next :D

  4. Fabi, I sent you a chapter, could you look at it?

    And I really loved this!

  5. Replies
    1. I'm putting stuff in between, so they'll be room for it later.

  6. Noooo! Daisy! I really liked it, you write quite well. And 'Little things' is my friend's fav song.
    Hey, Persephone, what does Gustav look like? I want him to end up locked in the same cell as Saph.

    1. Saph, he has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and is very thin. He's about five and a half feet tall and has glasses. He's an Elemental and not super brave, but he's very smart.

    2. But I'm not totally sure if I'm working for Mevolent or a third party

  7. Take off the rubbish bit, Mara. It's too good to call rubbish!

    Daisy's death was so sudden though... :'(

    But that makes it better! Gives the audience something to feel for.

  8. I love how nearly every blogminion knows which song you're singing instantly even if, like me, they've never heard it in their life. :P