Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fabi: Patching up Holes

     Set between "Meeting Old Friends" and "Teleporting Saves Lives"

     Somewhere in rural Ireland, 2013:

     Fabienne S. darted out of the tunnel just as it closed behind her, now a solid wall of rock. She paused, took a few deep breaths and continued to sprint through the woods, dodging about like a manic as she avoided various natural obstacles. She winced as her left knee scraped against a rock, but didn't slow until she reached a road.
     Now time to get her bearings. It was a long, country road, with no cars to be seen. Fabi had never seen it before. She picked a direction, and began walking, singing as she went.
    "When the sea falls from the shore,
As the light sinks low, will I see you anymore?
As the rain falls from the sky,
Can I bring you back from a distant lullaby?"
     Fabi stopped walking abruptly as the events of the morning began to truly sink in. Her hand went to her face. She'd lost a good friend. Death had been fun. She was definitely a crazy psychopath, but she was fun.
"The cold, cold wind, it blows me away,
The feeling all over is a black, black day."
     Even her favorite Hayley Westenra song had no effect on her mood. The "lower-class opponent" comment still stung, and it was proven by the fact that she'd run. It had always been an undeniable fact that she was stronger mentally than physically or magically, which was how she'd been able to look Mevolent in the face and refuse his offer. Even then, though, she'd been scared out of her wits, and had probably shown it.
     What good could Fabi do the world now, stuck on a road she didn't know, in the middle of nowhere, with the stupidest magical discipline in the universe? She scowled, trying to think. All the metal in the world wouldn't even scratch the surface of what Mevolent had to offer. 
     A dirty pick-up truck pulled up next to her, and Fabi played the confused American tourist. It wasn't hard. She took the ride the stranger offered, knowing that if she wasn't safe in a metal vehicle, she wasn't safe anywhere.

     Dublin, Ireland, same day:
     The first bullet whizzed through the back window and out the windshield, the second struck flesh. Fabi screamed as the innocent mortal driver, a friendly man with six grandchildren (five of whom were his pride and joy, the sixth a disgrace to the family), collapsed, his skull penetrated by a lead bullet. 
     Fabi regretted her choice of power considerably less as she redirected the metal of the whizzing bullets anywhere but at her, one of them piercing the car tire with a loud hiss. She felt the metal of the pick-up growing tenser and hotter, and leapt out, just as the it exploded. As she barreled down the street, towards the spire, she heard Mevolent's laughter echoing inside her head.


  1. Oh God...

    Fabulous, I'm sorry... And the crazy psychopath... Thanks!

    Amazing writing!

    Keep up the awesome work!!!

  2. Fabi, that was amazing! I love the disgrace to the family thing :P

  3. Thanks, Death! Glad you enjoyed being called insane! (No offence taken, btw.)

    Thank you, Sev! I'm rather fond of that little detail myself. I was trying to paint the picture of a chatty old man who spent the whole drive talking about his grandchildren!