Monday, January 14, 2013

Maralie Lily Charm - Tortured

Maralie screamed as a man wearing black took out a knife. She trashed around on the table, trying to set herself free. She was strapped to a metal table, her powers bound.

"Please!" Maralie cried, tears in her eyes. "Find your humanity!"

The torturer, as Maralie called him, placed the knife onto the sensitive skin near her collarbone.

"Please!" Maralie cried again, tears dribbling down her cheeks.

The man dragged the knife slowly down her neck and Maralie screamed, lashing out. Her foot caught the man in the jaw and he staggered back. Maralie sang the highest note she could and his eyes widened as he blocked his ears. Somewhere, a window smashed. The man fell to the ground.

Maralie shook as she closed her eyes. She lay flat on the table and started to cry.

Sad and short, I know... I don't really like it... But thanks for reading :)
~ Mara x


  1. Oooooooo

    What's going to happen next?

    Please wright more!!!! I want to read more!!!!

  2. He's down, Mara! Run! Escape!

    ... Why aren't you running?! Go!

    Heh. Ahem, anyway cool eardrum bursting high note!

    Sorry, this is an odd comment... :P

    1. Cause Mara is tied down to the table! :P. And I just thought of it and was like, "MARA. NEW POWER!" xD

    2. How was she able to kick him when she's tied up?(you don't have to answer that. :P)

      Awesome new power! :D

    3. Cause the man was a moron and didn't tie up her legs xD

  3. After Jubi comes to kill me, I'll be going right back after Mevolent- maybe we can meet up for tea sometime and share torture stories!

  4. It really helped me to wake up on Monday morning and see ten more chapters :D

    Great writing as always!

    1. Everyone's writing like crazy! :) it's awesome!

      Thanks Sev! :)

  5. Replies
    1. I'm just glad I didn't write down the hour of torture she also had beforehand...

  6. O_O

    If that had been just twice as long, you would have made me cry, not kidding. Poor Mara!