Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jubilance Glee: The Assignment

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Jubilance Glee sat in the dark room, tapping a finger on her leg. She had been waiting here for over an hour, and she was getting bored. Very, very bored. The man at the front had told her to wait  in here, and that she would only be waiting for a few minutes. An hour had passed so far, and she was still waiting. She hated waiting.
Jubi sighed and leaned back in her chair, cracking her knuckles, then rubbing her eyes. Trying to find something to do with her hands. She decided to go back to tapping her leg.

5 minutes passed. Jubi was still tapping her leg and staring out the single window in the room. The silver light of the moon was casting dark shadows around the room.Then she heard voices outside. Finally. She couldn't make out what the voices were saying, but she didn't care. She was just happy that she wouldn't have to wait any longer.
Then the door opened and she turned around in her chair so see who it was. The figure of a man walked in. The shadows that the moon was casting made it difficult to see his face, but she could make out the glint of a pair of green eyes, and a very bushy moustache.
"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting Miss. Glee" the man said in a smooth voice.
You can say that again, she thought as the man sat down at the desk in front of her.
Now she could get a better view of his face. He had freckles and sandy hair. But the most noticeable thing was the moustache. Jubilance tried not to stare at it... But it was just so... bushy. It was like an Albert Einstein moustache. Or maybe a squirrel's tail.
Jubi tore her eyes away from the moustache, and looked at him in the eyes. His eyes were green. Not just plain green though. They were some sort of intense green. Almost like acid. OK, maybe not that green. But they were green.
“I have an assignment for you Miss. Glee.”
Jubilance sat up straighter in her chair.
“I understand that you are the former apprentice of Persephone Grief?” he continued.
“I am,” Jubilance responded with a nod.
“On any other day, I would probably have gone to her,”
Gosh, thanks, Jubi thought sarcastically.
“But she is... preoccupied at the moment. So you were my second choice.”
"Erm... Thank you..." Jubi responded, not sure what else to say. Of course they wanted Persephone. She was probably the best assassin out there. She wondered what Persephone was doing right now that made her unable to take this job. Probably something that had to do with killing people.
"Who will my target be?" Jubilance asked the man, uncrossing her legs and sitting up straighter, trying to avoid looking at the moustache.
"Her name is Aretha Tesla,"
Jubilance blinked.
"She's been causing some trouble for us, and we need to dispose of her before she tries anything again"
Tesla. Jubi knew her. Tesla was an Assassin for the American Sanctuary. She knew that much. They had met a couple times before, when Jubilance was still Persephone's apprentice. She would have to assassinate an assassin. That was probably a first.
"Your payment," the man continued, holding up a check.
Jubi stared at it. The only thing that she could think was that's a lot of zeros...
The man put the check back into his breast pocket. "I like to pay after the work has been done" he said.
Jubilance nodded. A thousand questions were filling her head. But if there was one thing that she had learned from Persephone, it's that you should never EVER asks questions.
"This is Tesla's file," the man said, sliding over a Manila folder that was thick with papers.
Jubi took the folder without a word and opened it up. After skimming a few pages, she learned that Tesla was a decent assassin. She shouldn't be too hard though.
"Do you think you can handle this?" The man asked doubtfully.
Jubilance smirked. Of course, he underestimated her. She was only a child in his mind. Of course, Persephone would have been more reliable than this child right? But Jubilance wasn't a child. She was a trained assassin. From what she had discovered, Tesla had been injured. That gave her a slight advantage.
"It'll be easy" Jubilance said.
And with that, the man stood up and walked over to the door.
"I hope I'm not making a mistake." The man said, turning the door knob.
Before Jubilance could answer, the man was opening the door and walking out.


  1. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.... I wrote most of the ending on my phone.

  2. NICE, Jubi. Well-written, good, and now we have more plot. WIN!

  3. 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000... points!

  4. OOoooh... I like this!"decent assasin", she says- rule number one: always keep a low profile. Now, come for me! ;)

  5. Nice Jubi!

    My character is still at a different place than all of you... It's taking a while to get to any fighting bits... I have part of the next part thought out, but not sure where I'm going with it...

    Anyway, you guys are awesome with these chapters!

  6. EVERYBODY'S an assassin. *laughs*

    Which is AWESOME, btw. And this should be really interesting. :) Great chapter.