Monday, January 14, 2013

Fabi: Twisted and Inescapable

     The ropes twisted around Fabi's arms and legs and pulled tight around her torso, making her cry out. She was reminded of corsets and shuddered, making the ropes tighten even more. She was lying on rocks, or maybe even bones, and worst of all, there was a ceiling only an inch above her head.
      Fabi hated confined spaces. She needed escape routes at all times out of sheer survival instinct, and she was having trouble breathing with the ceiling so close to her. She tried to move her head, but it hurt too much. What on earth had happened to her?
   In one quick burst, it all came back, the anonymous tip, the visit to the palace, the close call with Mevolent, Death, Mara, the man in black--
     Fabi woke to find a strange girl standing over her. The girl smiled, her light blue eyes twinkling.
     "What am I doing here? Where am I?" she started to ask 'Was I dead?' but thought better of it. The room was very blank-looking and white, with no windows and only one door. It looked very...sanitary, but not at all like a normal doctor's office or hospital.
     "We think you will be a valuable addition to our team." The girl's hands glowed, and Fabi found her entire body
     "Team? What team?"
      The girl said something about needing warriors like her, who could escape Mevolent, for some vague and mysterious rebellion. Like most speeches, a good chunk of it flew in one of Fabi's ears and right out the other. She say up, and the feeling of relief ceased. Fabi ignored the pain in her ribs, it was good. It would stop her from mentally connecting the feeling of relief and healing with the group of rebels who wanted her to join them out of some misguided belief that she could help.
     She wanted to tell them that it hadn't been her doing the escaping, that it had only been because of Death, but she caught herself. She had no idea if this mysterious group of rebels would let her go if they realized she was useless. Instead, she demanded, her voice hard to cover her sadness and fear "Tell me more about this rebellion."
     The response she got was a vague one, the only useful bit being that they were against Mevolent, so Fabi tried another approach. "What would I have to do?" she lay down and began to glow again as the girl healed her.
     The girl grinned and responded vaguely, AGAIN. Fabi grimaced, someone calling her clever seemed so ironic and untrue. Then, the girl said something that stuck in Fabi's less than perfect memory."Don't think for a moment that we aren't just as ruthless as Mevolent."
     ...or something along those lines. At any rate, Fabi realized what a mess she'd managed to get herself into and as the mysterious girl curtsied and left the room, Fabi was stuck with too much time to think.
     These people, (if there really was a whole group, the silent stillness of the room made Fabi uncertain) were revenge-crazy. They wanted to destroy Mevolent, which was good. They didn't exactly sound friendly, which was bad. They thought she was better than she actually was, which was both good and bad. If she told them that she'd only escaped because of Death, what would they...Death! Fabi hadn't thought about the risk she'd taken before. She'd helped a prisoner escape! Was she okay? Had Mevolent found out, killed her even? Fabi felt guilty for not thinking of her sooner. What kind of friend was she?
     The girl came back into the room with a mug of hot tea. Fabi didn't take a sip, she wasn't in the mood for tea. "Who are you?" she asked the girl.
     "You can call me Ember," said the girl, annoyingly mysterious as usual. "So, about the revolution, Are you in?"
     Fabi considered for a moment, then nodded. "Fine. Now tell me what I just got myself into."


  1. You're a perfect friend! I just have to list down my regrets before I die so I can fix them all!
    Love it! Amazing writing btw!!!

  2. Loved it, Fabi! That was a really cool chapter!

    Didn't I say something along those lines at the end of my chapter? What am I really getting into?

    Cool we had the same thought. :P

  3. If I could, I would tell everybody on every post that I love their sub-plot. Because I love all of them. BUt this one looks like it's going to die into immense significvance, so I'm allowed to say how interesting it is. :)

    Really good chapter. I like how she's all buffled and not listening just like she would be irl.