Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zafira Kerias: When Mevolent Attacked AGAIN

Zafira walked to her office. She actually walked. She couldn't leave the Sanctuary but she could walk. The friend of Olivia's had came and helped. Zafira felt stronger then when she was first awake in the Medical Bay. She worked hard to figure out what was going on. She could see slightly better so long as things were up close. Javier helped her too. She read the report on her desk and stared. She knew what was coming. Albany. Destroyed. Zafira knew it was too late to try. Olivia was dead. She stared at the file crying. But even that hurt her. Suddenly the alarm sounded. She stood up beside Javier.
"Zaf dont." He warned her. She shook her head and grabbed the sword from her wall. Javier looked furious.
"Javier hush he's coming down the hall!!!" She yelled. Mevolent was actually in the doorway,
"Look who I find, Grand Mage Kerias at last." Zafira stood her ground. Her eyes showed hope. Mevolent laughed and she attacked. Her fear was helping but he was too fast for her. He easily stabbed her sending her to the ground. She got to her knees sending shadows after him but he merely deflected them. He clicked his fingers and grabbed her by the arm burning her. She squirmed to get away but he didnt move and when he let go he pushed the air so she was forced to her knees bowing. He kicked her in the face and used the air to push her. Javier focused on Mevolent making him go rigid. He grabbed Zafira and ran into the corridor. After a while they realized what had happened. Mevolent's force was retreating! Until the Gaol was found opened. Zafira screamed in anger. Javier held her close. What could they do? Fight. And hope they live. He looked at her. She was really in pain. He brought Zaf to the Medical Bay and she lay there letting the doctors help her. She even looked like she needed it.


  1. Noooooooo! You were supposed to be getting better Zaf! Bad Mevolent! [throws a green potato crisp in the general direction in which one might potentially find Mevolent]

    And Olivia. :-( She had potential to be a very interesting character, why 022230300450 KILL HER? -don't answer that-

    You're starting to get reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally good with messing with emotions.

    Excellently done, Zaf.