Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Blurry Visions

Zafira woke up once again in the Medical Bay. Her vision was still nonexistent. The organs were somewhat in more of an order now. The doctors haven't quite gotten to the right order just an organized mess.
"Javier?" She asked. A hand carcasses her face. Javier's gentle touch.
"Zafira." He murmured. Zafira smiled,
"Can I ask you to do something for me?" She asked.
"Of course Zaf."
"Go into my office and get the papers for an arrest warrant. I can sign it with you help." She told him. Javier got up and left. Zafira sighed. Her leg of stone was still stone. The doctors are trying but they say that her leg will turn to a normal state when it's ready. The only worry is her having had the Surge already. A few minutes later Javier came back.
"Zaf I got the papers what do I fill out?" Zafira told him quietly,
"Niccolo Croatoan for assaulting the Grand Mage, and attempted murder." She told him. The sound of the pen scratching was heard. Javier took her hand and put the pen in it then places her hand on the paper,
"Sign your name." He murmured and she signed her name. Javier took the paper and gave it to the Administrator. The warrant would be processed soon enough.

Mevolent actually smiled when the news reached him. His plan had worked. She was hurt badly ant that would help him. He strode into the meeting room with his generals. Serpine looked thrilled and Vengeous too, Vile was Vile. Mevolent easily towered over them all.
"So we need a plan to attack New York. They're the main American Sanctuary. With Zafira severely injured they won't have a decent chance. My goal is to make sure she's the last Elder standing. Her punishment will be to watch her own country fall and then I will keep her prisoner. For now we need to attack the Sanctuary. I don't know for sure if she's being held there though." Serpine spoke up,
"Since she's Grand Mage they'll have her in the Sanctuary guarded by Cleavers. The aren't stupid they'll be guarding her against her will. We all know Javier will kill anyone who lays a finger on her." Vengeous nodded,
"We shouldn't attack them yet. With Zafira injured the odds of defenses in place are higher. They'll protect their Grand Mage from harm." Vengeous agreed. Mevolent thought about it. He wanted New York but his generals had a point, the Americans like Zafira and to be fair she is a good leader so they would protect her.
"Alright." Mevolent decided. "We won't attack yet but I want someone to keep an eye on the Sanctuary. Zafira is bound to be cured within a month or so maybe less. If anyone ca find to extent of damage Mr Croatoan caused tell me." He dismissed his generals. Vile stayed behind.
"Yes?" Mevolent asked. Vile spoke,
"I thought I should tell you. The Necromancers are joining sides. They took Zafira's side because most of them support her." He told Mevolent and left. Joy, Meolent thought, the Necromancers joined her.

Zafira growled in pain. The Sensitives were entering her mind again trying to reverse her blindness. The pain was enough to bother her. They eventually sedated her.

When she woke again she opened her eyes and....saw. Pretty blurry and she couldn't see far but objects close to her were in her vision. It felt weird. The Sensitives had managed to get her vision halfway decent. Not her perfect vision but she figured it'd do.

(Basic explanation the vision is like mine irl i can see objects up close but far away forget it you're lucky i see the door so it's like...very crappy but better then nothing


  1. Yes! That's my Grand Mage for you, already recovering and signing arrest warrants while still blind, even! I'm working closely with Samantha Bliss (I don't know if you know her- new replacement for Rosa Evergreen because she ended up on Mevolent's side- basically that means she acts as my secretary) to find Niccolo so we should have a location on him soon, and once we do I will do anything and everything to stop him. Just make sure you recover!

    1. Good my husband Javier wishes to help kil Niccolo i want him dead ot alive oreferrably dead

    2. Dead is definitely the safest option- I can promise you that. Usually I try to bring people alive first, but this is different. I have a carefully thought-out plan, and I'm going straight for the kill. Any help is more than welcome (as long as the operation stays rather small), but (as I'm sure you know) I cannot guarantee his safety or his life if he comes. Nor can I guarantee my own. I wanted to keep this small from the start so as to not put any more people than necessary into danger- but I can't deny Mr. Javier that wish. It's not my place to do so, and even if it was, after everything that's happened, he more than deserves this if he wants it.

    3. Dude, don't be so formal. I'm so helping. I'll find his whereabouts, text you all (maybe call someone), then go and get myself killed.

    4. No. You are not allowed to die. There are better ways to deal with pain. You were the one who told me that once. Take your own advice.

    5. Yeah, that's the thing with me: I'll give people advise that I don't take myself.
      I'll put that jerk though hell!

  2. Yay! She can see!! If I wasn't going to punch Mevolent in the face and die I'd be helping you already!