Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Javier Gets His Wish

It was rough she had to admit. Javier only wanted one thing and how could she dare ignore his plea? She was Grand Mage but she was trying to refrain from fighting unless it was an attack on the Sanctuary itself. So maybe Javier's plea was something that may keep her from fighting. For the next 9 months. Zafira didn't expect it would work especially after having her organs rearranged so nicely by Niccolo. But she still was able. Apparently THAT particular organ was untouched. Figures she doubted Niccolo knew what the organs down there were. Zafira kept working on the small pile of files. Eventually she'd get through them and go home. Eventually that is. After a few hours though it did end. The pile of papers. She got up and looked at her clock: midnight. An early night. Zafira sighed. How did the other Sanctuaries work around the world? She knew in most counties the Elders worked together in one Sanctuary policing the country but in America it wasn't even possible to do that. With such a large nation the Council each policed a different section of the country in order to keep mortals safe. It wasn't easy especially running the main American Sanctuary. It is worth it she figured. She shadow-walked home to Javier. He wasn't asleep though. She wrapped her arms around him from behind,
"Hello there." She whispered. Javier yelped and laughed.
"What have your eyes gotten better now?" He asked. Zafira just smiled
"One of the Sensitives figured something out. I can see you clearly. As for nightmares....she tried her hardest. She said the most she could do is keep them from every night but they still lurk in my mind." Zafira sat beside him on the couch. Grinning shel laid her head across his lap. He smiled seeing her close to him.
"Sleep you need it. You Elders work so hard." He murmured and watched her fall asleep. He brought her up to bed and placed her under the covers. He went downstairs. 12:30am. Plenty of time to kill the man lurking outside the window.

Javier stood outside near the fountain. A man in white robes was there. Sense Warden. Trickier to kill. Grinning Javier focused on the man. The Sense Warden fell to his knees trying to block Javier's attack. But Javier was prepared. He focused in harder and watched as the Sense Warden went and drown himself. Javier stopped focusing and left the body. Dead bodies were common now with the war. He shrugged and went into the house and back to Zafira. He lay beside her and soon fell asleep.

Zafira woke up late. She sat up but Javier held her back,
"Woah Zaf calm down. You're not going in today." He reminded her. She lay back down facing Javier,
"Damn i forgot! I am so used to getting up." She sighed. But as were the doctors orders to not go in once a week. Her body still was recovering from what Niccolo did the first time. Javier smiled and took her into his arms.
"Mmm I think I can handle keeping you captive all day. I mean if that's what you want." He murmured. Zafira nodded and Javier ran his hands through her hair. It wasn't as long as it used to be but the cells in her body were tricked to growing it faster. It'd be another few weeks until it was her original length. Javier continued to play with her hair.
"I wonder if the little one will have your hair." He smiled. She laughed,
"Maybe. I wonder what it'll be like, watching them grow up and have the Surge. And..." She trailed off. It didn't seem right.
"How do you know if I'm even having a baby?" She asked. Javier gave that sly smile,
"A friend of mine is a Sensitive. Told me what the future was for you." He told her. He looked up at the clock. Shrugging he got up and scooped her up in his arms. Zafira laughed letting him. He took her downstairs and placed her in the living room. Then went and made breakfast. She looked at the files she brought home. Fun.


  1. AWW!!!
    Zaffy is having a baby!!

    Javier. Don't. Kill. Bad Javy!!!

  2. Wait, so we're just leaving bodies around now?! 0.o Wow, I'm not surprised the mortals have noticed... Although I have to admit, I shouldn't have, but I laughed when I heard that- for some reason the idea that bodies are just lying around everywhere is just too amusing...