Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Murder in Manhattan

Zafira stared blankly at the file on her desk. Yes she could see it but the words swam in her mind as she processed the file. Who the hell murders someone in front of the Sanctuary. A man in a red suit had murdered one of Zafira's detectives. She buried her face in her hands. Too many murders. Too much pain. She stood up and walked the corridors. Se couldn't sit still.

Javier stood on the rooftop watching the nightly doings of New York City. The man he wanted was heading home. Javier climbed the fire escape and waited quietly in the alley. A man in a red suit came in. Javier focused on him. The man fell screaming and crying begging for mercy.
"Please." He begged. Javier ignored him focusing further on the man. The man lay twitching until he took a brick from the alley and beat himself to death. Javier smiled.
"And that's what happens when you try to kill my wife." Javier kicked the man in the head to make sure he was dead. He checked the pulse and when he felt none he walked away towards the Sanctuary. Mission accomplished.

Zafira was back in her office. The reports on her desk thinning. She still felt like crap but still better then before. Her organs were now closer to the right order. Almost. She felt hands wrap around her from behind.
"Javier." She smiled. Javier kissed her cheek and stood beside her
"What do I owe the honor?" She asked laughing.
"I requested an audience with you, Grand Mage." Zafira laughed
"Very personal I see." She teased.
"When can we go home finally?" He asked and she shrugged.
"No clue ask the doctors but my organs aren't in the order they should be." She reminded him. He nodded and began to pace her office. She read through her other files until Javier kissed her neck. She jumped
"Oh! What do you want?"
"Can we go home?" He asked again. Sighing Zafira took his hand.
"Tonight." She promised and she shadow walked with him home.

Dublin, Ireland
Scarab looked at the woman.
"Are you tellling me someone tried to murder Grand Mage Kerias?"
"Yes." She said, "The man died a few hours ago apparent suicide. Zafira was unharmed. You realize Mevolent plans to kill her, right?" Scarab nodded and the woman left. He sighed. He wasn't stopping Mevolent but he didn't want one of his children dead even if she was a traitor she was smarter then Billy-Ray by far. It started to rain and Scarab scowled going back to base. He hated Ireland and he sure as hell hated rain.


  1. Nice chapter :) Plan, Scarab, plan! Do...something! Yeah, no clue where I'm going with that, too tired to really think straight.

    I liked the scene between Zaf and Javier though. It was cute and you did the emotions really well, I think.

  2. Aw! Javier is so mean! Why would he do that to someone who tried to kill the Grand Mage of America? I'd just give him a hug and a pair of new shoes!

    Grande chapter, grande chapter indeed.

  3. Great job, Zaf! I second B-J; you did a great job with the scene between you and Javier. And I'm too tired to say much more than that!