Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Esquibeth Domitia: Dead People Don't Make Very Good Employees

     The Midnight Princess didn't stop Maeve from leaving. She could summon her back at any time, the girl was still dead. Besides, there was a chance she would even kill Ember again, which would be good. That (insult of some sort--for some reason I can't think of a non-Shakespearean one, and I don't think 'beetle-head' is in character, so just pretend I said something) messed with her kingdom much too often.
     The Princess had noticed the annoying Effie, but she didn't really care. Eff was overestimating her own importance but if she was going to try to hide, at least the Midnight Princess would be less likely to lose a subject (stubborn and annoying and unpredictable as she was, Eff was still a subject) to that rowdy gang of Mevolent's dead folks. She really ought to do something or other about them...or just ask one of her lackeys. Yes, that would be nice and convenient. If it crossed her mind again, she'd ask Mr. Jenkins the next time he reported to her.

     "My lady, Fabienne S.," announced the person whose job it was to announce things (actually, the announcer was on an unplanned trip to the dungeons and it was the third assistant sous chef who was makin all the announcements, but as long as somebody did it, the Midnight Princess didn't care. She made no attempt to keep the servants straight, anyway, so as long as the third assistant sous chef didn't mess up horribly, there was nothing to worry about. The first through sixth chefs as well as the twelve sous chefs and the numerous other assistant sous chefs could probably manage things in the kitchen.)
     The Midnight Princess frowned. "You're shorter than I thought you'd be."
     "What's that supposed to mean?"
     The Princess shrugged, not seeing the need to explain herself. "Guards, take Fabienne to the cells. I don't want any of her 'friends' to come for her."
     "You're sending me to prison??? What did I ever do to you, Moonlight Princess?"
     The Midnight Princess turned away, bored already, and the guards (who were actually guards, not assistant sous chefs  though one was technically supposed to be guarding some jail cells, but the cells in question contained only some sandwich remains, an empty hairspray bottle and a dead beetle, none of which would be escaping anytime soon) came from all directions.
      Faeris Wile didn't stand a chance.

     Whoa, that illusion actually worked. Cool. 
     Effie left the disguise-magic on Faeris and walked off in a random direction, looking for another loophole in reality. Her next order of business was to make sure Fabi was still alive, and that she would stay that way for at least a little longer.

(Sorry this is kinda short... And Esquibeth is a random alias of Effie's...she's taking the whole plot idea I had sorta planned and twisting in around like she's HELLOPPP!!!!! I'm being pushdienxooakdm e &;93

Fabi, I told you to let me handle this. It's cool.


  1. Ah, just pointing things out, out seems I do not like Effie.

    Otherwise, grand chapter not-very-old chap!

  2. Ooh, random plot idea twisting thing...coooool. This plotline is going in interesting directions.

    Like that way! *points* yeah...awesome chapter...