Monday, April 15, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Stormy Night

Zafira stood facing the window in the living room. A storm was brewing out there. Thunder rumbled and bolts of lightning streaked across the sky. Zafira felt her hands shaking. The day was not foretelling to be good. Then again the day was never good. Javier came down by her and kissed her.
"Any news?" He asked. She shook her head
"Javier you know this isn't going to work. I barely have my organs in the proper order. Apparently I'm alive because of what the doctors did. The odds..." Javier cut her off
"The organs needed weren't touched were they?"
"Then there is a possibility." He told her. Zafira sighed and sat on the couch just as the power shut off. She glared at the storm. Javier kissed her and immediately she relaxed. He smirked.
"Zaffy for once can you please be trusting of me?" He asked but she didn't speak. Javier sighed irritably and sat at her feet. Just then Zafira's phone lit up. She widened her eyes
"Javier....Mevolent...Dad..." Javier turned and grabbed her
"Speak!" He begged. Zafira shook her head. Just then Zafira's Skype app on her phone was going off. Shakily she answered with video. The screen showed her father. Scarab looked at her and then at Javier,
"Zafira I'm warning you! Mevolent plans to kill you! You need to be prepared." He warned. He sounded fearful. The call ended. Zafira turned to Javier her face showing an expression of horror.
"I...we have protective symbols right?" She asked. He nodded and hugged her close. A bolt of lightning flashed in the sky and then there was a crack of thunder. Rain lashed on in the night. Zafira was shaking. Finally after a few moments she relaxed. Javier got up and used his phone as a flashlight and took their pillows and blankets downstairs into the living room. He lay them out on the floor smiling
"Come here Zafira we can watch the storm." She smiled slightly and lay beside him on the floor. They snuggled up and watched the storm.

Mevolent looked down at Scarab. Caught trying to tell Zafira Kerias plans. A traitor like his daughter.
"And why did you tell her?" Mevolent asked figuring he'd torture Scarab anyway.
"To warn her because I actually want her to watch the country be torn apart." Scarab replied looking at Mevolent's hands. Mevolent laughed and motioned for the guards,
"Take him to the dungeons. Use him as an example to Kerias. Her father tortured. The Redhoods took Scarab to the dungeons. Mevolent went into his room. He looked at the battle suit he wears in battle. He had a plan but he wanted to attack when Zafira was least expecting.


  1. I have to wonder what Javier's whole plan was that Zaf was worried about...

    This should be interesting. I'd like to know when Mevolent will attack in order to 'surprise' Zaf (I put surprise in quotations because at this point she's been warned and attacked so much anyway I don't see how he could catch her without her expecting it). All in all, nice chapter!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Seriously? I'll see Scarab in the cells and he doesn't like me every since B-R and I... I'm not continuing that sentence...

    Ari has a point. Why was Javier queried in the first place, was there something he was going to tell her? Was it something to do with their possible future...?

    1. In simple terms: They had a 'purely phycical' night and ahem what comes out of that?