Thursday, April 11, 2013

Olivia Gem: News of Zafira

Olivia sat quietly in her apartment. She liked to live in the mortal world but help out in the Sanctuary with the whole war. Grand Mage Kerias allowed her. As she should. Ever since the Death Bringer failed Olivia left the temple in search of better life. She smiled thinking of Zafira Kerias her best friend. Olivia thought to pay her a visit. Se figured the Grand Mage is in the Sanctuary. Olivia dressed in her black t- shirt, black jeans and converse. She went to the Sanctuary pressing the symbol and requesting an audience with Zafira. The Administrator came up and took her into the foyer. Olivia follow unsure what to think. Usually people were always by the Grand Mage's office then the Administrator sighed and spoke quietly to Olivia,
"I figured Grand Mage Kerias wouldn't mind me telling you this. She was attacked in her home by a man called Niccolo Croatoan. He basically tortured her to the point of she's not going to heal fast even for a world of magic. The Sensitives managed to give her partial sight and her one leg is stone like when the earth element is used. If she's awake and agrees I could let you speak to her." Olivia agreed. The Administrator went and led Olivia to the Medical Bay. After a few minutes later she was beckoned in. Olivia saw Zafira sitting up somewhat. Her one leg was stone her one hand bandaged her face showed signs of recent healing. Her one hand was free and her other leg was fine. But her eyes were still slightly unfocused. Olivia approached unsure if she could even tell who Olivia was. Javier was beside Zafira holding her free hand.
"Hi there Grand Mage." Olivia said. Zafira smiled and spoke sounding tired,
"Figured you would come." Olivia smiled.
"Niccolo really did this all to you?" Olivia asked in shock. To add the her shock Zafira nodded.
"He also rearranged my organs. The doctors have worked bit by bit to arrange them correctly." Olivia sighed. She hated to think someone could do this. Zafira smirked slightly then laid her back down. The meeting itself though brief had even worn Zafira out. Javier nodded to Olivia
"Sorry she's pretty weak. Even though the majority of her injuries are healed she still is a tad out. They make her move about to the best of her ability but that's even hard. If her damn leg would turn back we'd be good." Javier looked upset. Olivia thought about it
"I know someone who knows how to reverse it. He was able to partially reverse an Elemental who did it to defend themselves but as it's just a leg he can easily do it."
"Who is he?"
"A mage who lives in Albany. He'll be back in two days. " Javier smiled,
"Go find him." Javier said. Olivia left the Sanctuary and went to her apartment. She packed her bag to go back to Albany. She took her car and drove. And drove.

A few hours later she arrived in Albany. She went inside her house and lay on the couch watching TV. She couldn't wait.


  1. Good that your leg might be fixed soon. :-)

    Ooh, a new character!

    Nice job, Zaf!

  2. Yay! The Grand Mage is coming back! I hope you feel better soon!!