Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Javier Fyreheart: I'm Going To Kill Someone

Javier walked into the house.
"Zaf! You home?" He walked into the kitchen sometimes she left a note if something in the Sanctuary occurred. Except not this time. He walked into the living room and there he saw his wife. Javier knelt beside her. She was barely stirring. Zafira was so bloody it wasn't even funny. Her eyes opened but for some reason she couldn't focus on him. Her one leg was stone. But she wasn't an Elemental she was if anything opposite of it.
"Zaf can you hear me?" He asked.
"Javier?" She asked weakly. She couldn't focus on him.
"Yes Zaf. What happened?" He asked. She spoke quietly
"Niccolo." She murmured. Seeing she wasn't moving he phoned the Sanctuary using her phone.

A few hours later the doctors finally allowed him to see her. She was pretty weak but they managed to fix the face and her arms and one leg. The leg of stone was still stone. They said the leg is going to have to heal on it's own like the earth power. He walked into the room. Zafira was awake now but fear was in her eyes.
"Zaf." He murmured taking her one hand,Her eyes tried to find him.
"I can't see." She told him. "My organs are all messed up they said I can survive like this until they work on it bit by bit." Javier stroked her arm.
"What will they help your sight?"
"I...I...don't know. They said they will try and I don't want to have to give up my position as Grand Mage. I worked so hard for it and I will not give up." Javier smiled thinking of how determined she is. He remembered her determination in her younger days. He kissed her cheek. She closed her eyes and Javier knew she was succumbing to the drugs they had her on. They would be trying to arrange her organs properly. Javier took another look at her and sighed. He saw another mage beside him. Zafira's Prime Detective
"Horrible isn't it?" She asked. Javier merely nodded.
"She said Niccolo did this to her. I didn't get much more because she honestly was almost dead. " Javier nodded and his voice was now cold,
"I will murder Niccolo!" He vowed.

Zafira woke up again still sightless. She tried to move her hands but it didn't work. She groaned they had managed to get the eyelids off the bat. Both hands were wrapped in a bandage like thing. Her organs everytime they operated someone would rework them. It was long and Zafira was in pain still. She couldn't tell who was here and who wasn't. Her dreams were haunted by the pain from Niccolo. She had even woken up sobbing. Sensitives were working whenever she wasn't being operated on to reverse the blindness. Nobody wanted to lose her. She felt someone stroke her arm. Her voice even sounded weak,
"Javier?" She asked. She heard the reply,
"Yes Zaffy I got you."
"I want to see." She sighed. The black was scary. Too scary. Javier put arms around her
"Hush my love."


  1. Niccolo is a bad bad man! Also his manners could seriously use improvement. Rearranging internal organs is not the polite way to introduce yourself to anyone, especially a Grand Mage!

    And poor Zaf! Poor Javier, to see her like that...

    I almost CRIED from this chapter! CRIED! I DON'T cry. Not ever!

    Except, y'know, when I do...

    Excellent work, Zaf.

  2. Message for Javier:
    Hi Javier. I am Death Rose. I believe I have tried to kill Zaffy several times without her notice. I was wondering if you would like to team up to kill Mr. Croatoan? He killed my friend's best friends, Ren Clairvoyant? I am an adept who can... could kill people with a glare and twist gravity. I am currently in Pure Heart's body, Ren in mine. After I work out this little predicament, I will be coming for you so we can kill Niccolo. I want revenge too.
    I know his best friend, Aretha Tesla, for we (Ren, Ian Heartbreak and myself) tried to help her when she was under Mevolent's control. She... It was her fault I died in the first place. Well, knida. I'll explain later.


    1. God, I'm sorry... I really didn't mean to kill anyone, though I know that's not any sort of excuse. But anyway... I'm currently also working on killing Niccolo. But I have to warn you against trying to hunt him down, just because he'll probably kill you. And... I can't bear to loose anyone else to this war if I can help it. And this time I can. I know him better than any of you, so please, just let me handle it.

      Questions for Zaf: Just to clear my own confusion- how does she know Niccolo's name? I mean, we could just say upon reading my bingo book I immediately reported his name to the Sanctuary- but are you assuming that, or did you already know...? Sorry, just have to clear up my own confusion...

    2. Because in the Sanctuary there are files on him basically she had read his file once but the description sunk in her head so she remembered him and also Serpine mentioned him a bit

  3. [Laughs] Is EVERYONE plotting how to kill Niccolo Croatoan?

  4. *smirks* So now there's a whole group of you after me, hm? I'll be waiting for you. Not that any of you have a chance of even finding me- save for possibly Aretha. But no matter. I might even come to you. You'll all be in one place- it'll be just too easy to kill you! Come along, then. I dare you. *vanishes*

    1. I'll come after you. You killed Ren. Kill me if you want, I've been through worse. I've died twice, list the love of my life, my best friend was murdered by Bob Hitler. I want the pain now.

      I want to die by your hand.

    2. Niccolo, I well put up no fight if you find me.

    3. Fine, if you find me, I'll fight you with all I got. I won't give up, swords and whatever magic Pure has.

  5. I cant reply so ill say it here: Niccolo Croatoan I am putting a warrant out for your arrest for murder, attempted murder, and assault on a Sanctuary agent who just so happens to be the Grand Mage. You have no way of hiding for long! Come and have a go!

    1. On the contrary, I have every way of hiding, and I'll do so for as long as I wish. Your assassin is already after me, so I can't say a warrant for my arrest would be any more bothersome. And while you're listing my crimes, I suppose 'murder' would cover the three Cleavers and the several cities I've wiped out over the past few days, though the word 'mass' might be called for as well- and I have to ask, who is it that I have apparently 'attempted', without succeeding, to kill?

    2. I wasn't trying to kill you. If I'd wanted you dead, you wouldn't be here now. It would've been far too easy- think about it. I subdued you immediately; it was no challenge at all. Then there was all that time you spent unconscious, too. I could've easily pierced your heart with my knife while I was poking around inside you. There was no 'attempted' murder. I meant to cause you pain, and that's exactly what I did. Don't give yourself too much credit.

    3. That last sentence right back at you, shorty. Zaf's a tough, Grand-Mage-y type person. You haven't gotten her anywhere close to out of the picture.

    4. Yep, if all those Cleavers didn't tried to kill me all those times I tried to kill her, she'd alive and I'd be dead. It was fun torturing her though!

  6. hmm hunting for Niccolo might be fun ... although I have nothing against him ... but the killing o innocent people then makes me the hunter and you Mr Croatoan the hunted.

    Oh this would be fun to fight you, I have a number of ways to overcome some of your attacks.

    This will be fun! ... if I ever meet you ... i'm currently in Ireland ... but I can move.