Friday, April 26, 2013

Zafira Kerias: I Have Got to Carry On

( anyone notice my Jekyll and Hyde quote? No? Pity...

Zafira stood in the Sanctuary more or less in shock. She couldn't believe what happened: she had died multiple times and came back. She didn't know how to react or to even feel. Her hands shook. She had to stop Niccolo before she even attempted Mevolent. The question is how. She stayed in her office. There was a battle she wasn't in. Finally she had come to her senses to not attack. Javier was fighting though. She continued to work.

Javier yelped as he felt the dagger enter his stomach. He pulled it out and fell to the ground. One of the Teleporters grabbed him and took him to the Sanctuary. He blacked out.

Zafira nearly fell out of her chair.
"He....he,...." Zafira lost her train of thought. She barged past the Administrator and ran to the Medical Bay.
"Where is Javier?" She asked one doctor. The doctor looked up at her and sighed,
"Grand Mage....we're...working on him. I can't even say if he'll live. He came in with a wound pretty deep. We have the best doctors working on him." He told her. Zafira stared at the doctor in shock. Realizing her distress he put an arm around her,
"Grand Mage, I promise he will survive almost guarantee. I can call you when he's out of surgery. Go to your chambers and calm down." He told her gently. Zafira nodded slowly and went back into her chambers staring blankly at a wall. Slowly she took her phone out and searched for Jekyll and Hyde. She listened to Lost in the Darkness and tried to relax. Throughout the whole entire first act her thoughts whirled. For a while she watched then the words struck her. Niccolo was like Jekyll. Man is not one but two he is evil and good and he walks the fine line we'd all cross if we could. And he's waiting he's just waiting. Finally as Jekyll was getting married the doctor came,
"Grand Mage you can go see him." He said. Zafira went back to the Medical Bay and found Javier. He was awake looking up at her. Her face broke into a smile
"Javier what am I to do with you?" She asked kissing his cheek. He smiled weakly
"Love me." He laughed. He took her hand.
"Zaf my love don't fret, I'll be fine in a couple of hours." He soothed. She nodded and leaned in close,
"Okay Javier I thought about the question. If you can we can try but....I can't...guarantee it will follow through." Javier's face lit up.
"Thank you, Zaffy."


  1. SQUEE!!!!!!!
    Good chapter Zaffy!!!!!!

  2. Get well soon, Javier!

    Ooh, I wonder what the plan is!

  3. Yeah, Niccolo has to be stopped first... I'm working on that. I have an idea, but there are so many variables! At least we have more complete intel now. That should help.

    Javier will recover in no time, and then you guys can go back to cuddling 24/7. :3