Friday, April 26, 2013

Guardian Angel: War

Lest we forget

The world was at war. Again. We had just seen it come out of its last tragedy when the Japanese and Germans invaded. I remember being in Australia that day, listening to the static filled radio explain Hitler’s arrival and the attack of the Japanese. I knew what I had to do. Hell, I was going to do it anyway, even if Death hadn’t enlisted to join the army, posing as a boy.
I followed a man with dark brown hair into a side street away from the others, and tapped on his shoulder. He spun quickly and I smiled at him. “Excuse me, my good sir. I seem to have become lost. Would you help me get back to my house?”
The man smiled at me, his hazel eyes glittered. “Of course, where do you live?”
I smiled at him as he turned his back. I put my hand on his shoulder and grabbed a knife out of my pocket, slicing his neck. “Keep.” I muttered and felt new skin grow over my own. A new personality accompanied it and I pushed it down inside me somewhere.
I turned around and walked back to the enlistment tent near the bay. I signed my name and was told I was to do a medical. I knew I could pass. This new body could do anything that was desired.
I walked over to the next tent and talked to a doctor there. He passed me quickly and moved onto the person in line behind me.
I sat down and watched the soldiers-to-be line up, judging their height, weight and strength. The odds weren’t in most of their favours. I saw a young man there, he had short brown hair. His ice blue eyes seemed glued to the floor. It took me a moment to realize that I was staring at Death.
She had cut off all of her precious hair! She was wearing thick clothing and her face had stubble, very well drawn on stubble along her jaw. It took all of my strength not to get up and chastise her for what she was going to do. I knew what she would be thinking right now; something along the lines of, I need to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Who cares if I die? I have to protect the little man! That’s Death for you…
I watched her as she was inspected for her medical test. I was afraid that the doctor would realize she wasn’t a man and would kick her out. She’d throw a rampage if that happened. She’d probably yell and hit someone and glare… Killing those around her. I knew I couldn’t let that happen.
I stood up and walked over to where the doctor was standing, a small book in his slender hands, and tapped on his shoulder. He turned to me. “May I help you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
I shot him a quick smile. “I know this man. He is amazing and is more than fit enough to go to war. Please, move to the next man along the line.”
The doctor looked at me for a while longer and then sighed; stamping a sheet of paper and handing it to Death. She grinned widely at the doctor and me before walking off towards the main town district. I smiled after her as I left the doctor to inspect more soldiers.

I didn’t see her again until we were deployed.
The boat was rickety and too small for our large battalion. I could already see some people becoming terribly bored and some were throwing their large knives around. I looked around and saw Death sitting by herself and writing in a journal.
Her pan was madly scratching away. Her calligraphy would not give her away for it was as messy as it could be.
I stood and walked up beside her. “Good day, sir.” I said with a smile.
She looked up. “And to you, sir.”
“How are you this fine day?”
“Swell, I guess. I don’t have a fondness of sinking ships.”
It was a joke so I laughed. “Ah, nor do I, for that matter.”
There was a pause. “Thank you, for the medical test.”
I smiled again. “Nought a problem.”
She laughed lightly at that but it was too feminine for her act. She coughed quickly after it. “Sorry,” she muttered.
I patted her shoulder gently. “I know you who you are.” I said with a grin and left her to her own accord.

I lost her for a few days. I left the boat, all alone, and struggled up to Flander’s Field. The army had gathered there for us. Bullets whizzed past as they were fired from enemy guns and my fellow diggers cried out as they were shot at.
I launched myself into the trench, cursing as my ribs and my gun collided on the ground. My trench coat was too heavy for this fight so I slid it off, knowing that this body could be killed so much easier. I pulled out my knife from my belt and spun, stabbing the enemy behind me in the chest. I ducked under another swipe; bring my knife back up, opening up the insides of the man. Something hard cracked against the back of my skull. My eyes rolled back into my head and I slumped to the ground.

I woke as cold water was splashed on my face. My eyes flew open to a small dark room and I tried to speak. I couldn’t! I tried to figure out what was in my mouth, a gag, before remembering that someone must have been in the room with me.
My eyes struggled to adjust to my surroundings and someone spoke in poor English. “Give information. What is plan?” Whoever spoke had a thick Japanese accent.
I made several humming sounds before the gag was taken off. I spat on my interrogator. “We have no plan. We have a goal. We have already achieved that goal.” I smiled at him smugly.
“What is goal?” Something cold and sharp pressed against my neck.
“To beat you. We already have. Didn’t you hear? Your troops have either all been killed or taken hostage.”
The blade pressed harder into my neck. “No. We win. We win! Your troop all dead.” There was uncertainty in his voice.
“Go check then. Make sure I’m not lying.”
The man dropped the blade on the floor, clattering as it settled, and ran out of the room. He left the door wide open. Ugh… No fun, I thought and a pout.
My wrists and ankles were tied tightly together with coarse rope. I pulled my wrists apart to test how strong it was and decided that I would need that knife. I rolled onto my side and gasped. My rib that had connected with my gun felt broken. A burning pain shot through me and I rolled onto my back. I closed my eyes tightly and my hands searched for the knife.
I felt the coolness of the blade and picked it up. I placed the handle in my mouth and bit down on it. I started cutting through the rope. Up, down, up, down, up, down. I kept repeating that in my head until the ropes around my hands broke. I spat the blade out and started on my feet which took half the time.
I jumped up, my broken rib rioting, and walked to the door. The knife was in my pocket in case of emergency and I thanked God that I put it in there. There was someone with their back to me, talking by a small hand-held radio. I sliced his neck in one smooth motion, picked up his gun and continued walking.

I passed rooms of people screaming, people crying, and people laughing. I had to keep walking. I knew that if I stopped, someone would notice me. I walked through the corridors purposefully, as if I was on an errand. I found a way out of this camp I was in and found myself near an ocean.
Alright, I thought as I started walking the opposite direction of the sea. Time to help Death, as I had done since the first moment I had met her. I was her guardian angel.
I grabbed a stick and wrote my name in the mud, Diablo von Impurse.


  1. Whoa, that's a twist! Or was a twist, since it's in the past and all.

    Like a pretzel!

    I liked the way this chapter was written...different than the ones from Death's point of view.

    Also, it's BLUE!!!

    1. Pretzels are yummy...

      Thank you! I needed a break from third-person and I needed to do something for the ANZACs.

      Yes, it is blue... I'll go do somemthing just for you Fab!