Monday, April 1, 2013

Zafira Kerias: The Murder of Serephia Jackson

(I am 3 months ahead of everyone remember)
Zafira had been home for a few days after flying in from Ireland. Nye had agreed to help her and it did but it also told her it didn't like her. She shared the same feelings toward it. She stood up and went to the Repository and did a check to make sure all the artifacts that could kill them all were there. She looked at the bow that Maria had gone through hell to give to her. It was like Mevolent's god-killer except it wasn't a sword. Zafira had immediately placed protective symbols around it and a death field in case Sanguine or someone tried to steal it. She didn't doubt her brother would do it but she hoped he'd die. She left the Repository and went into her office. God only knows how Aretha was back but she did and it was good. Now another thing was happening that she couldn't understand. Cities were disappearing completely and she hadn't the slightest clue how. No trace no nothing. Soon or later she figured they'd attack New York and she'd die. But she wasn't dying unless she took Mevolent with her. The hours passed and Zafira worked on what she intended to do. She had to elect an Elder for the west coast because Marissa got brutally murdered. Serephia was alive but pretty mad. Zafira was thankful she was alive. She didn't have time to grieve for her fallen Elder but grieving would come later and killing Vengeous would too. By 4am Zafira finally shadow walked home and collapsed on the couch and fell asleep still in her Elders robes.

When she woke up Javier was downstairs by her. Upon seeing her awake he knelt beside her and smiled
"Morning." He said and brushed the hair from her face. Zafira took his hand
"Morning Javier." She said quietly her eyes showing a troubled look. He kissed her cheek trying to calm her
"Worse then when I was in Ireland." She replied and closed her eyes trying to block out the memory. Javier scooped her up in his arms and carried her upstairs. He had a way to stop her from freaking out. ( you may take that however you wish)

A few hours later the happy couple stood outside their home. Zafira kept her hand locked with Javier's.
"They're coming, Javier."
"The Generals and Mevolent." She muttered. Serephia Jackson stood beside them. She had come to help Zafira elect an Elder but they were needed to fight first. Mevolent himself led the three generals and upon seeing them Zafira tensed. Mevolent approached them easily and took out the god-killer. Serephia took out a sword and the two fought. Zafira took on Serpine who was having trouble keeping Zafira off of him. She kept attacking him and she actually was beating him. Suddenly there was a screech from Serephia. Zafira turned and saw Mevolent stab her in the heart with the god-killer. Serephia was dead before she hit the ground. Enraged Zafira ran at him and used every shadow she had to attack him. Javier focused on Mevolent and he went still. Taking advantage Zafira took the god-killer and turned on Serpine. Realizing Zafira had the ultimate weapon Serpine went running Vengeous stayed and Vile..Zafira figured Vile left. She turned to Vengeous and he took out his cutlass. Zafira tried to defend herself but he was better at fighting with weapons. He knocked the sword from her and cut her sword arm. Javier let Mevolent go and he immediately used air to force Zafira to the ground.
"You're the last member of the American Council alive, Kerias. Is it worth it to die now and never see Javier again. My Sense Wardens have seen what you two can have as a life. Children, a nice family." Zafira glared at him from her position on the ground. Mevolent kicked her in the head and she struggled to get free. He released her and she lunged at him and then there was a scream from her and when Mevolent finally let go of her her left hand had at least third degree burns. Javier grabbed her and didn't say a word
"I think I'll let you live. Your punishment for treason will be watching your country fall. Any Elder would hate that." Vengeous and Mevolent left and Javier turned Zafira so she faced him.
"Go to the Sanctuary. You need to elect two Elders and FAST before he attacks." Zafira nodded and shadow walked them to the Sanctuary.


  1. "looked at the bow that" I think you mean Aretha "had gone through hell to give to her."

    ...Other than that, great chapter, again! Two new Elders- can't wait to see who they'll be! Please write more!!

  2. One point before I talk about the general awesomeness: If you're three months ahead of my chapters, how can three month dead Nye help Zaf? (See chapter 'Ten Merry Murders')

    Thrilling chapter, very good. And I hope Mevolent dies again and never comes back. Awesome chapter anyway and can't wait to see what happens next or who the new elders are.

    The 3 months ahead thing is really confusing...I keep forgetting...stupid forgetful brain...

  3. AAAH!!!!! I give up I cant remember EVERY freakin death i give up!!!!!!!

    1. You might consider bringing yourself back in time, if staying ahead becomes too stressful/confusing/impractical for you. I mean, it worked nicely for your pregnancy, but if it's causing you stress now you could always just skip back again.

    2. Meh i could but that now requires me to think how to stage it and i honestly cant find a way to so im stuck where i am

  4. Cool!!!!


    Great chapter I can't wait to see who the new Elders are!

    ... and try slowing your time down a little at a time to eventually get back to where everyone else is. That's if you want to ... this is the only idea I can come up with ...

    But yeah Great Chapter! I can't wait to see where it's going!