Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jayden Slander: Child's Play

Jayden trailed after Mortis humming a little tune off Tangled. He loved that film too much for words. Perhaps that was one of the reasons she had followed him all this way. He had been humming Disney film songs ever since he killed Shudder. Mortis was currently counting the money in his wallet. Normally he liked to buy things like food and drink rather than steal or kill for it, but either way he killed to get the money in the first place, so his boyfriend wasn't sure whether it counted or not. Every now and then Mort would glance over his shoulder, frowning. Finally he sped up and said "Jay? You have an imp following you."
At first the Child of the Spider was confused, then he turned just in time to see a child, probably about six, dart into the bushes beside her. He hunkered down where he was.
"Hello? Little girl? C'mon out, we won't hurt you."
"Speak for yourself."
The little girl crawled out and tilted her head to the side. "You killeded Anton." Jayden gave no response. Mortis reached to his waist, where he kept Wilbur. "He was looking after me."
The Necromancer stepped forward and Jayden rose to keep him away from the child, but he simply shoved him aside. "Mortis! Leave her alone, she's just a kid!"
"She's an orphan, a loner. She knows too much."
He shakily got back to his feet. "If you harm a hair on her head I'll...I'll tell Garnet! You know what he's like when it comes to kids!"
He had Wilbur unsheathed now and was holding it over his head. To her credit, the little girl didn't seem bothered. Probably because she could see the redhead with the gun pointing at the Necromancer's hand.
"Mort, knife in belt. Jay's right, you hurt the kid, I hurt you."
He hesitated before sighing and returning Wilbur to the belt. "Everyone's against me." He muttered before pulling the little girl to her feet and shoving her towards his boyfriend. "You take responsibility for her. Gar, didn't expect to see you, I must say. Got any food on you?"
Garnet grinned, hands going to his pocket. "Good to see you too. I always have food on me." He changed from his jacket pockets to his trouser ones, frowning. "Not always a decent amount, but always something." Finally he managed to produce a half-empty pack of Skittles. Mortis narrowed his eyes before turning to the little girl.
"You hungry?" She nodded. Sighing, he waved towards her. "Let her have those."
"But they're mine."
"Sharing is caring, Dorado."
He hesitated, took one sweet for himself and gave the rest to her. "The red ones are my favourites, so yeah." He explained.
"I like the red ones too." The girl replied, smiling.
"You got a name?"
"Duh. I'm called Reckless."
"Cool name. I'm Garnet and these are my weirdo friends, Jayden and Mortis...Mortis likes killing pretty much everything that moves..."
Mortis glowered. "Gar, why're you here? Not that I don't like seeing you, but the girl...you have an argument with your girlfriend?"
"She isn't my girlfriend...yet...and no, not an argument...a freakout. Had to get out of there."
Jayden started walking again, taking the little girl's hand gently and leading her away as Dorado and Grievance restarted an age-old bickering about Star Wars.

((A somewhat shorter piece because I realised I had left the little kid with no guardian...and also because Dorado was going to bring Slander and Grievance back into the limelight soon enough anyways. Enjoy. Or don't. I don't own you.))

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  1. I am still absurdly pleased each time I see Mortis in a chapter... He turned out so...awesome. Slander and Garnet are cool, too, of course. I like that you brought the little girl back in. [nods]