Friday, April 26, 2013

Maralie Lily Charm/Harry Styles ~ Teenage Dirtbag

Dedicated to Luci(:
Also to my best irl friends. *giggles* Teenage douchebag! XD
(it's an inside joke XD)
~ Mara xx

Harry sighed as he sat down on the couch. Maralie was upset and wouldn't talk to him or go near him. It was starting to annoy him. Harry wasn't one to get annoyed, but it was one of the most annoyingist annoying things that had ever annoyed him in the history of annoying things that had ever annoyed him. Ever.

"ELEANOR!" he yelled.

Footsteps echoed around the room. "Coming!" a loud voice shouted, thumping down the stairs. The door creaked open and Eleanna walked into the sitting room. "Hey, Harry."

"Anything from Mara?"

"No," Eleanna mumbled. "She's not coming out of her room."

"Damn," Harry muttered, rubbing his face with his hands and propping his elbows on his knees. "El, what'll we do?"

Eleanna chewed her lip. "I have an idea.."

Harry looked up straight away. "You do? What is it?!"

"-but it involves getting Gemma here." Eleanna winced.

Gemma was Harry and Eleanna's sister, 24 years old and, in Eleanna's words, awesome. Harry had a different opinion althoughter most times, though...

"But she doesn't know about this" Harry inserted air quotes to state his point, "magic, does she?"

"No," Eleanna sighed. "Which means we have to fly back to Cheshire just to have a bloody girls' talk."

"Language," Harry warned.

"I can say what I like, I'm 8. Where's Lib, anyway?"

As soon as the words escaped her mouth, a crash and a yelp came from upstairs. Eleanna sighed and trudged upstairs. Harry smiled slightly and heard rustling about in the kitchen. He frowned and stood up. Walking slowly, he opened the kitchen door and Maralie screamed, grabbed some fairy cakes that were on the table, and was just about to teleport, when -

"Dammit, Mara!" Harry yelled, slamming his fist on the table. Maralie jumped and stared at him with huge eyes. "What did I do? You've been avoiding me!"

Maralie swallowed and her eyes flickered to the door. She couldn't teleport right now. She was scared of what Harry would do.

"Don't you dare," Harry warned, sliding over to the door. Maralie bolted and Harry leaped after her.

"Maralie!" he yelled.

"Leave me alone!" Maralie cried, yanking the door open. Arms reached around her waist and she screamed, kicking her legs. Harry closed the door with his foot and dragged Maralie into the sitting room. She started cursing at him and he raised an eyebrow, not impressed. Obviously Maralie wasn't that innocent as she seemed.

Harry dropped her onto the couch and she scrambled upright, breathing heavily. Harry looked closer and saw tears running down her cheeks.

"Mara...?" he asked, worried. "What... did I hurt you?"

Maralie looked at him, her eyes glassy with tears. "Yes," she spat, "but not the way you think."

She disappeared and Harry cursed, running his hand through his hair.

She's Irish, blonde and oh so innocent ;)
~ Mara xx


  1. Oh Mara, things will never get better or even make sense to everyone involved if you don't talk.

    ((Bring a gun-toting pixie along for security))

    ...My weirdness aside, cool chapter as usual :)

    1. Tut tut Mara. TUT TUT. *scolds*


      Danke! :)

  2. Mara... Swore...? Mara... Swore... At... Harry...? Mara... Swore... At... Harry... Styles...? MARA SWORE AT HARRY STYLES?!!
    *Is 100% shocked*
    *Starts laughing*
    Okay... Great chapter... Heh-heh... "'Cause you're just a teenage dirtbag baby!"

    1. YUP. XD

      Thanks Death! :)

      "Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me, oooooh!" :P

  3. Poor Harralie. ;-(

    Jane is eeeeeeeevil!

    Not Mara-Jane. Evil-Jane. That's why she's Evil-Jane. As opposed to Nice-Jane or Awesome-Jane or Jane-the-Wombat.
    Right, ignore me! XD

    1. Harralie.. :(

      YES. JANE IS EVIL. Not Mara-Jane, or me-Jane, but Jane-Jane. *nods*
      Jane-the-Wombat? XD