Thursday, April 18, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Javert For a Day

Javier grabbed Zafira. She turned to slap him but he easily held her. She squirmed. Laughing Javier picked her up and kissed her. She kissed him back.
"What was that for?!" She exclaimed. Ever since the day Niccolo had literally tortured she was always on alert. She guessed it was because she was partially blind still. The Sensitives worked any moment to play around with her mind. The results were better but she still didn't have her perfect vision. Close though. Javier looked at her realizing her emotion of fear.
"Are you worried about Scarab?" He asked and she nodded. Javier sighed kissing her cheek.
"I know Zaf. You need to calm down." He murmured. She shook her head. She didn't know what to do. Javier let go of her and walked into the kitchen. Zafira stood facing the window. Her eyes travelled across the lawn.
"Javier why are there footprints in the grass?" She called. Javier came out of the kitchen and looked out the window.
"No clue. We rarely use our front door so it isn't one of ours. I activated security sigils so if anyone decides to go into the house we'll know." He shrugged. He didn't seem bothered. Zafira on the other hand was very bothered
"Javier I'm Grand Mage. If anything someone will try to kill me!"
"Zaf relax." He soothed. He went back to the kitchen. Zafira watched the news. She was 'resting' according to the doctors. She wasn't supposed to go to work unless something major happened. The news showed a school on Long Island doing the musical Les Miserables. Zafira smiled. She loved that musical it took her mind off the war against Mevolent. Her phone rang.
"Zafira..." Came a squeaky voice. "Uhm I was told to tell you that Serephia betrayed us." Zafira nearly dropped her phone
"Today. She left and told Mevolent vital information and uhm...she joined his side." Zafira fell against the couch. Hell. She hung up
"Shoot me now or shoot me later every schoolboy to his sport death to each and every traitor I renounce your people's cause!" Zafira sung quietly Javert's line. Oh she was gonna kill Serephia. Painfully. Javier laughed
"Are you Javert?" He joked but then turned serious. Zafira smiled slightly
"I am the law and the law is not mocked!" Javier laughed.
"Zaf, you are lovely. Inspector Javert." He teased. Then he tried to be serious
"So Serephia betrayed us?"
"Yeah I want to murder her."
"Well when she comes we kill her. Or hire me." Zafira spoke dead serious,
"You're hired. Go kill her." She told him. Javier nodded
"I dont need payment from you Zaf. My payment is being with you."


  1. Interesting chapter, twists.... Wonder what Mevolent knows... And the footprints... And the bit at the end, with Javier, that was cute. [nods]

    Nicely done, Zaf.

  2. Hm. Well this was a strange little funny chapter. I liked it. Though I do think it would've made more sense if I had ever seen Les Mis... Oh well. Nice job!