Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Intruders

Zafira lay awake. Her mind spinning. The whole entire Sanctuary was basically on lockdown. Of course they needed to be in order to protect themselves against Mevolent. Javier saw her wide awake and kissed her cheek,
"Zaf, relax. Stress isn't good for the baby. " He reminded her. She looked up at him and didn't speak. After a moment she put her head on his chest and fell asleep. Javier held her close keeping watch over her. He would die to protect her and their unborn child. He couldn't think of losing either of them. And with Mevolent out there the risk was entirely true.

Serephia Jackson bowed before Mevolent. She had some news to give,
"Kerias is pregnant. A reliable source from her Sanctuary said that she is and basically Javier vowed if anybody lays a finger on her that he will kill them." She reported. Mevolent nodded. He looked deep in thought. After a few moments he spoke,
"Then we continue taking America. I'm not killing an unborn child. Newborns are a different story but I can't risk killing her. I want her to watch America fall and be powerless to stop me. " He said. He glanced at the Redhoods around him then addressed Serephia,
"Go." He simply said. Serephia left. She wasn't entirely trusted as an ex-Elder. She figured it was worth it though.

Zafira woke up again. Smiling she saw Javier had got up. He always liked to make her breakfast before she went to work. She got dressed in her black shirt and pants. Her Elder's robes were in the Sanctuary so she figured she'd put those on later. She completely agreed with Ghastly on the robes. Well what he used to think. She went downstairs and immediately the smell of omelets was present. She laughed
"Oh Javier I thought the wife cooked." She teased. Javier turned and smiled
"Well I feel while my wife IS Grand Mage I prefer to spoil her. Maybe because I rather not be arrested for neglecting the Grand Mage." He laughed. Zafira grinned and took out her handcuffs. Javier widened his eyes
"Woah Zaffy!" He exclaimed. Laughing hysterically she put them on her belt. Javier looked at the omelets and flipped them. He turned his attention the the tv. A reporter was in Lower Manhattan. Zafira tensed. The reporter was explaining disturbances that to the mortals sounded like idiots making fireworks but Zafira knew better.
"Even the mortals are noticing. Those were mages at work probably Mevolent's. If they aren't then I guess they're young. " She sighed. Javier looked at her questioningly.
"What do you do for immature sorcerers not knowing the rules?" He asked as he put the omelets on two plates and set them down. Zafira sat down and ate her omelet and then explained to Javier,
"Well basically we have them confronted and taken to the Sanctuary. Depending what they did we have some experts to explain the rules. If I'm not busy I'll go down to visit and once they get the explaining and stuff we let them go but have an agent secretly watch them for a month. It usually always works out well. Very rarely do we have someone young actually arrested for crimes." Zafira got up and put her dishes away. Javier smiled and put his own away. Zafira turned and kissed his cheek before shadow-walking. Javier sighed. He hated when she left.

The doors to the apartment in Lowe Manhattan were bolted shut. Jayla Crowsfield glared at the two sorcerers before her.
"You idiots! Do you want to get us killed?!" She slapped the boy. Her voice carried a Dublin accent. She didn't look pleased. The boy she struck glared at her,
"Well you never told us the Sanctuary was THIS close to us." He snapped. Jayla sighed.
"Look there's a community of sorcerers within a few blocks is the Sanctuary. Grand Mage Kerias lives in the community. You two idiots are to spy on her ok? And David," she addressed the older boy. "I don't care how close you are to the Surge. Actually it may be best if you do experience it near Kerias. Go." She spat. The two boys left and went to find the gated community. Jayla sighed and sat on the couch. Why did Mevolent send her? Serephia Jackson was more prepared. Yes she reckoned as a Sense Warden she could hurt Kerias but giving her David and Joey was the worst. David was an Elemental Joey an Energy-Thrower. The joys.

Zafira was back home. Finally. Nothing actually had happened at work so she left. 11pm. A complete new record to be home this early. Javier was beside her again doing what he does best. Being loving. There was a crash outside the house. Both jumped up and went to see what happened. Two boys were standing outside the house. Upon seeing her one sent a stream of energy into Zafira. Yelling she gathered shadows and sent them right into the boy. He staggered. She whipped the shadows at his hands making him stop trying to use energy against her. The second boy used air to push Zafira into the house. Javier focused on the boy. When he went down she ran and handcuffed him. The energy throwing boy tried to run but Zafira sent a trail of shadows after him and he tripped. Javier took another set and shackled the other boy. Zafira sighed irritably.
"Both of you are under arrest for assault on an Elder." She told them. She grabbed the Elemental boy and Javier took the other. She shadow-walked all four of them to the Sanctuary. The boys were placed in the holding cells.
"I'll deal with them in the morning. I'll send a detective to question them." She mumbled. She shadow walked with Javier home. Once home her and Javier went to their room.
"Zaf are you hurt?" She shook her head. Smiling Javier kissed her.
"Can't let my wife get hurt."
"Oh Javier."


  1. Zaf and Javier are so cute together.

    Hmm... Jayla, she's an interesting character.

    Nice chapter as usual, Zaf!

  2. Marw! That's so adorable!!! We need Mara to come u with a ship name... I thought of them and they sound... Not right!

    As Fabienne said earlier, Jayla is an interesting character. One that I hope not to encounter...

  3. I love how you guys are just being cuddly, and then all of a sudden some random person attacks you, and you just immediately brush it off and go back to cuddling.

    1. We're so talented xD its because Javier is so romantic