Monday, April 15, 2013

Austin Baritone: The 'Box'

Kelpsie had a plan. Austin didn't know what it was yet, but he already didn't like it as he stood by the docks waiting for some unknown man. He had been told to look out for some bloke by the name of Helper Wisdom or something like that. Something flickered at the edge of his vision. Frowning, he turned, trying to see it. He hoped it wasn't that thing affecting his mind already.

The man had a large, strong build and a handsome face. He was shorter than Austin and had blonde hair that fell softly around his face in gentle waves. His green eyes gave a particularly piercing gaze as he approached the Necromancer, limping heavily on his left leg. He was quite scruffily dressed. The Necromancer gave a self-concious smile and the newcomer offered a nod as a greeting. "You'd be this Helper Wisdom bloke?"
Wisdom gave a slight nod. "Box."
"It's a nickname. Call me Box."
"Riiiiiight...I'm Austin."
"Pleasure." He stuck out a dirty hand and Austin accepted it with an even dirtier one. "I was expecting a woman."
"Crystalline Noon?"
"That's the one."
"Her and her boyfriend have gone off to do something 'more important'. They're probably screwing one another."
Box nodded slowly. "And how do I know I can trust you?"
Austin shrugged. "You don't." He began to walk away.
"You're a Necro." Box observed. The Necromancer glanced over his shoulder.
"Yeah? And?"
"I hear they've started taking sides in this."
"They have. I've been out of loop with the others for a long while though."
"And your friends?"
"Puh-lease, we're less than acquaintances. I grew up at the same temple Noon and Repine happened to work in."
"And you're with them now because...?"
"Essentially, I think I'm being held prisoner."
Box nodded. "Cool. I've been a prisoner before. People say it screwed me up."
"Maybe that's why you like them calling you Box."
"Nah, there's a personal reason behind that." He hesitated a moment longer and went to follow Austin. "I'm expected to take Noon back with me."
"I was told you were coming with us."
"No, no that wasn't the deal." He stepped back but the Necromancer made no grab for him. He was wary, unused to being treated like this, confused. Austin barely understood why the man was acting so scared of him.
"I wasn't part of the deal." He promised softly. "I have no orders other than meet you and bring you back to the hidey hole. I have no double-crosses or plans or anything. Heck, I was only guessing you were Helper Wisdom. Stupid name, by the way."
Box clenched his fists. He took a deep breath and another one and relaxed. "You say this man and woman are keeping you effectively a prisoner?"
He nodded. "I haven't any incentive to stay...except that they have painkillers and I have wrecked ribs..."
"I can get painkillers easy like. Come with me, we'll both walk away from them, somewhere I know is safe for everyone."

Crystalline and Kelpsie watched Austin hesitate from afar. "You sure this is a good idea?" Repine asked.
Noon shrugged. "Mr Wisdom has a place near where Gale Blaze and Katharine Burn were seen together last. It's worth a shot."
Suddenly he felt sorry for Baritone. "I hope you're right." He mumbled, not sure if he meant it.

((I ran out of things to say at the end here ages ago. I feel in a killing mood...beware, my friends...beware.))


  1. Eeeeeeeee! Not a killing mood! Don't kill _________! Or _______! Or--what's the point if I'm just gonna tell you blank blank and blank because I don't want to give you any ideas? I'm not sure. [Shrugs]

    Anyway, nice chapter. Box is an interesting name indeed... Can't wait to see where this is going.

  2. Now Fabi, names shall not influence me...apart from when Jasmin was mourned, that influenced the death of his daughter...but it made planning for the split easier...also I'm evil...if anyone dies next, it'll be _______.

    Box is an awesome name. Like The Kid. yeah, I'll shut up now.

    Hi Brad! *waves like a maniac* Thanks!