Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fabi: Say It Once, and Disappear~Part 1

      Fabi shook her head in disbelief. Or, she would have shook her head if she hadn't been unconscious and her head hadn't been on fire. Not literally on fire, but it felt like it.
     "See, you already look dead," Eff explained. "Of course, that's because you essentially are dead if you don't get medical attention soon, but still, Silver hasn't eaten your soul. She's still trying to help Liberty, she doesn't completely understand the paralysis potion, it had just about worn off you when she dealt with it before, at least I think so, but anyway, that really won't take much longer, then she'll make sure you're dead. The Princess either doesn't know about the substitute or doesn't care. So all you have to do is let me borrow your body for a minute or two, and I can explain everything, and it'll all be cool."
"Can't you go back in your own body?"
" See, I bribed one of the Princess' lackeys with an awful lot of illusioned gold coins...he agreed that a soul goes in, a soul goes out. Also, he thinks your name is Bert, just so you know."
"Can't you still use your own--"
"My body is currently in Mevolent's castle. Some recently appointed official-type person there seemed to think I had this object... Which even if I did have, I obviously wouldn't carry it around places, but anyway. I can't do that, sorry."
Fabi was about to agree, but then it occurred to her. Eff hadn't mentioned reversing the process, and she had no real reason to help, anyway.
"No." Fabi said. "Sorry."
Effie switched the illusion on her face, but not before Fabi saw her eyes and mouth tighten, an almost pained expression on her face. Fabi mentally blinked. Pink hair, seriously?
"Fabigail, you don't trust me, do you?" Effie's voice was strangely soft.
"Eff, you've been constantly insisting ever since I met you that you're not someone who can be trusted," Fabi pointed out. "Also, I killed you. Why are you trying to help me?"
"Well, all those other times it wasn't a good idea to trust me, but like, you can now, okay? And I don't want Mevolent to destroy the world, that enough for you?"
Fabi winced, or her subconscious winced, anyway. "Sorry..."
"Fabigail, why are you apologizing??? Stop the bad guy, okay? Give Mevo what he doesn't expect! And don't give up and die, that's just stupid! Sure, you've got life-threatening injures, but--" Effie gasped.
"What is it?" Fabi asked, concerned.
"He still has some control, Fab. He's trying to use my 022230300450 ghost, and then use me lock you out of your own body! I take that entire speech earlier back, do not trust anything I say or said. Not a word, you hear?" She turned and ran away from the loophole in reality and Fabi's mind shifted into a nightmare.
To be continued.

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