Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Traitors and Traitors Alike

The day was cold. Zafira felt her insides chill. The detectives had come and investigated the footprints. Apparently footprints in front of the Grand Mage's house isn't the best. Detective Allure came over to her. Allure was pretty with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. She was an Elemental and one of Zafira's best detectives since Vinette Riddle. Allure spoke,
"Grand Mage, we believe the footprints belong to Niccolo Croatoan. " Zafira nearly screamed,
"What?! Why why why...." She stammered. Then closed her eyes counting to ten to calm herself. She opened them,
"Okay thank you so much." She smiled and Allure left. Javier looked up from his iPod
"Well that sucks." He told her and walked over hugging her.
"Niccolo won't hurt you Zaf. Mevolent controls the man if he wanted you dead you'd be..." He trailed off unsure what to say. Zafira nodded. She needed a plan. First she needed to kill Serephia. And then get into Dublin and kick the crap out of Mevolent.
"Okay I need to kick the crap out of Mevolent." She decided. Javier smiled,
"I thought you would. Wouldn't you like to find Niccolo first?" He asked. She nodded but didn't reply much.
"Then we find him on our way we kill him?" Zafira nodded
"Lets." And the two sat down and planned.

A while later they found themselves in Ireland. They snuck through Dublin trying to find the place where they were looking for. Baron Vengeous appeared.
"Well well well look who I found. Zafira Kerias and Javier Fyreheart." The Redhoods with him grabbed the two. Zafira struggled until they handcuffed her. It took three Redhoods to subdue her. Javier was quiet and furious. He didn't speak. Vengeous grinned and led them to Mevolent. They walked through the castle into the throne room. Upon entering Vengeous grabbed Zafira and put a knife to her neck forcing her to kneel before Mevolent. Every instinct in her told her to flip. But her magic was bound and the Baron would easily kill her. Mevolent looked at them shock shown in his expression.
"You found them." He said simply. He looked at Zafira then Javier. After a while he spoke.
"Put them with the other prisoners. Make sure the Grand Mage doesn't escape." Vemgeous nodded and took Zafira and forced her up and to the dungeons. Javier behind her. They passed Serephia Jackson and Zafira fought against the Redhoods and tried to lunge for Serephia. Vengeous cut her across the cheek and Zafira cried out feeling the wet sticky blood on her cheek. Vengeous grabbed her again and kept the knife to her neck until he put her and Javier in a cell. He left them there. Javier knelt beside his wife.
"Zaf hush we can handle this." The shackles on Javier were off as the cell was bound. But Zafira's weren't taken off at all. Javier pulled her close. She looked up and didn't speak. Fear evident.

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  1. Dad is brilliant, is he not? Almost as brilliant as your writing Zaffy!