Friday, March 8, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Insanity

Zafira was a prisoner. Again. And she hadn't the slightest idea why. Mevolent had her arrested and she was in the dungeons laying there. It was weird and scary. No matter how much she begged he wouldn't let her near Javier. It was scary for her. She sat in a corner not moving unless guards went to her. If she knew what was going on it'd be nice.

It was quiet in the throne room. Mevolent was waiting for the guards to retrieve Zafira. The Necromancer would watch her husband be killed. Of course killing Javier for real would be bad. So he intended to keep Javier alive but make it appear he's dead. After days of research Mevolent figured out what happened. Zafira had witnessed her best friend murdered. In front of her. And then Justaria herself came out of her and protected Zafira during the war. With the newfound knowledge Mevolent was certain Zafira would be Justaria again.

The guards led Zafira to the throne room. They made her kneel before Mevolent and he strode forward. The guards showed what appeared to be live footage of Javier dying. She felt as if she would did
"NO NO NO!!!" She screamed and two Redhoods held her back. She fell to her knees sobbing. Her true love,dead. How can it be? She felt as if the world was gone. And then deep in her mind came Justaria. And Justaria was controlling. She stood up and turned to Mevolent
"Master at last." She smiled. Mevolent took out a dagger and passed it to her.
"Yours my dear." He told her. Justaria took it and held it in her hand. She missed her dagger. Most of all she missed being a soldier for Mevolent. Today was a good day.

Javier was in his room in the castle. He didn't know what happened but it happened. Nobody knew what happened to his wife. Then they finally told him: Justaria had returned. Javier closed his eyes. He had to get his wife back and he had to do it before Justaria fully took over Zafira. But how?


  1. [cues scary music]

    Oh no!!! Justaria! Eep!

    Javier, DO SOMETHING!

  2. Oh and nice chapter, Zaf!

  3. dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn

    ... well for most people in the castle it's a good day, but for everyone else its a BAD day!

    Oh god now they have a person who knows there true name on Mevolent's side! NOT GOOD!!!

    But great chapter Zaf ... or should I call you Jus now ...