Sunday, March 31, 2013

Aretha Tesla: Happiness

I woke up screaming, in a bed that I knew wasn't mine. I looked around, and noticed that the room seemed familiar, and was most certainly a hotel room. There were purple patterned curtains covering one side of the wall, so I drew them aside and confirmed my suspicions- I was in the little hotel on the same street as the Sanctuary in Manhattan.

It was named 'Hotel'; not very creative, but there you go. Niccolo and I had strolled right past it plenty of times, and this was where we agreed we would meet if, for some reason, we were ever separated. Not that it was likely I would be in New York if such an event should transpire. In this case, I assumed he had brought me here because he couldn't teleport. As lovely as my little research cabin is, the commute from a little town in Iowa to Manhattan might be just a tad impractical.

Suddenly I remembered what I had realized in my dream, and I could feel my heart rate picking up. "Niccolo..." I said aloud, because even if I couldn't see him I knew he was there, "I figured out what you were trying to do that day- with the iron." I took a deep breath, then conitnued, "But I'd rather not do it myself... Could you...?" I waited. No response.

I searched for a bathroom and found one very quickly; there was a large mirror just as I had hoped I would. Clearly, Niccolo meant for me to do this myself. "Fine," I muttered under my breath, letting my irritation fuel my resolve. I let a small fire blaze up between two of my fingers, and fueled it with oxygen to make it hotter. Then I gritted my teeth, watched closely in the mirror to make sure I didn't get the wrong spot, then lifted the fire up to the binding symbol on my neck.

Within seconds I could smell my own flesh burning, and I could see my skin bubbling up where it met the flame. I waited just long enough to ensure that it would scar, then quickly extinguished the fire. For a few moments I leaned heavily on the sink, breathing hard. Resisting the urge to run out for ice or at least some cold water was difficult, but I was afraid if I did it wouldn't scar properly.

Bereft of any other form of relief, I dulled the pain the only way I knew how; by retreating into my mind. I needed something to think about. Something powerful. Rosa can't have seen me, because she didn't stop me. That meant she was probably either dead or in Ireland. Which, now that I mentioned it, wasn't the most pleasant train of thought, so I stopped.

The binding spell. It's broken. It's broken. I'm free. Suddenly I couldn't feel the pain anymore; I leaped into the air, and my face broke out into a wide grin. "YES!" I yelled aloud. "I have my life back again!" And as the realization became more real every second. Pretty soon I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, and tears streamed down my face. When had I ever been this happy? I crumpled into a heap on the floor, and realized I hadn't laughed this hard since Jubilance Glee had attacked me. I never would've imagined that I could feel this good again without magic to help me.

Once I had recovered some of my sanity, I slipped out of the hotel- checking out would've been too much of a pain, for several reasons- and strolled across the street to the Sanctuary. Needless to say, my co-workers were surprised, but in a happy way. I was determined that no matter what happened, for just one day, I would hold on to my happiness- until I received and read an updated bingo book.


  1. I know how to react to this as soon as I post the one I did with BJ

  2. Oh God... Is Ari still dead? Did she even die?

    1. Niccolo brought me back in my last chapter, The Shortest Chapter I've Ever Written. I'm perfectly alive now, don't worry! ^.^

  3. An updated bingo book...oh, dear. That sounds...unusual, but I get what you mean by it. I am curious to know what was written in the updated bingo book, can't wait for the next chapter!

    Oh, and this was a good chapter. It was nice to see an explanation for the iron thingy...I'd wondered about that, and although I can't say I expected that solution, it makes sense. Yay for no more binding spell! Uh oh, though, because knowing you, things won't be happy for long.

  4. *gives Aretha a hug*

    ... Stuff the updated Bingo book!
    *grabs updated bingo book and throws in a fire*