Saturday, March 16, 2013

Maralie Lily Charm - Return Of Jane (The Not Mara Jane, The Evil Harry's Ex Jane)


Thump thump.


A shout.

Maralie's eyes shot open suddenly.

"Haz," she whispered. "Someone's here."

Harry mumbled something in his sleep and his arms tightened around her waist.

"Harry," she hissed.

His eyes fluttered open and he yawned. "What's wrong, Mara?"

"Someone's downstairs," she whispered, her voice shaking.

Harry cursed under his breath and got out of the bed slowly. Maralie watched him, frightened.

She looked at him and he nodded. She teleported downstairs and saw a figure in black in the sitting room, holding a gun. She stifled a scream and teleported back upstairs.

"Harry," she swallowed. "They have a gun."

His eyes widened and Maralie grabbed her lamp, then teleported downstairs before Harry could say anything.

She flung the lamp and it hit the figure, glass shattering from the bulb. The thing crumbled to the ground.

Maralie regarded it warily. She teleported back, grabbed Harry and teleported again.

"Mara!" Harry said, clutching his stomach. "Please give me some warning before teleporting!"

Maralie pointed. "I think it's dead."

Harry stared. "Oh my God."

The thing twitched.

"Maralie Lily Charm..." it muttered. "Damn you."

Maralie shrieked and jumped into Harry's arms. He almost fell over.

The thing stood up, swaying slightly. "It's me. Jane."

She took down her hood and her eyes, instead of the sea blue, were dark. Harry yelped and fell backwards, onto the sofa.

"Mevolent wants you two dead," Jane continued, pointing her index finger at them. "And trust me, it'll happen."

She brought the shadows together and they consumed her. When the shadows dissolved, she was gone.

Maralie started to sob. Harry cuddled her close to his chest and rocked her back and forth. "Shh Mara, I won't let her hurt you,"

"But t-that's the p-problem," she hiccuped, "if it w-wasn't for m-me, Jane wouldn't b-be trying to k-kill us!"

"Mara," Harry said sternly. "She was going to try anyway. She knew Eleanna was magic. Somehow. I know she did."

Maralie shook her head and continued to cry.

Harry kissed her forehead and hugged her. "I won't let her go near you Mara. Because I love you."

Naw. Cute ending.
But BAM! Didn't expect Jane to be magic, didya? ;)
Maybe you did though. If you did, DAMMIT.

~ Mara x


  1. No, I didn't expect it, but I'm almost glad she is. It'll make it all the more awesome when Mara shows her what's what. Harralie!

    1. Mara goin' use Jane like a punchbag!

      Harralie! :)