Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Justaria: What Is This Feeling This Feeling of Being Alive

(From Jekyll and Hyde the title it is so fitting for Justaria

Justaria wandered the castle. Mevolent had given no orders recently and she was looking forward to it. She missed battle. Watching from Zafira's view was boring but Justaria was in control now and this was HER time. Javier Fyreheart was wandering too. He came over to Justaria. She didn't move against him. She respected him for he was powerful. He just held her close for a moment then released her. Something inside Justaria stirred, no. Zafira could not come back NO. Justaria shadow walked finding herself in the throne room. Mevolent looked up,
"Justaria." He greeted her. Justaria bowed slightly and remained silent. Mevolent stayed quiet too then he broke the silence
"Are you willing to go do me a favor?"
"Yes master."
"Good. I wish for you to kill Marissa Spiritheart. You know who she is, correct?" Justaria nodded. Zafira knew her therefore Justaria would.
"Go. You leave tomorrow." Jistaria bowed and left.

Javier was for once upset. Very. Scarab was in disagreement with what happened to his daughter. He was devising a plan to get his daughter back. Without Mevolent knowing. Javier went to wait outside Justaria's door. When she came Javier stepped forward. He used his magic on her. Taken by surprise Justaria fell to her knees. Scarab came forward. He grabbed her and Javier let Justaria see again.
"Give us Zafira." Both men growled. Justaria shook her head
"No. This is the feeling the feeling of being alive!" She growled. Javier vaguely remembered a line from Jekyll and Hyde, Zafira's favorite musical. Javier used his magic and Justaria went rigid. She was shaking.
"I will do it again until Zafira is back." Javier threatened. Justaria cried out and collapsed. Javier let her be. When he knelt beside the Grand Mage he then spoke
"Who are you?"
"Zafira Kerias." She mumbled. Javier hugged his wife tightly. Scarab remained quiet. Zafira saw him and spoke softly
"Dad? Thank you." Scarab nodded and left.

Zafira was brought to the throne room. Shaking in fright she explained what happened, well modified it. Mevolent waited calmly and when Zafira explained her predicament he nodded
"I knew before you told me." He told her. "Go back to New York." Zafira and Javier left and Mevolent was alone with Vengeous.
"I dont trust Zafira." The Baron commented.
"I know. But she shows where her loyalty stands who are we to stop her?" Mevolent went hack into thought.

Marissa Spiritheart was going about the day on the west coast. Nothing bad until Grand Mage Kerias called and warned her off the news. She was next on Mevolent's hit list. She let out a terrified squeak and immediately found ways to hide. She HAD TO. Or she'd die. And dying wasn't good. Or fun.


  1. Nice chapter :) I especially liked their attempt to get Zaffy back. It gave a slight thrill as a scene.

  2. Yay, Zaf's back!!! [hugs Zaf] Scarab actually did something kinda useful. [Nods] Justaria is badbadbad!

    Dying is neither good nor fun. You better keep the west coast safe, Marissa! I like it there!