Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aretha Tesla: Finally, an Average Morning?

I woke up in my room in my small research cabin, and immediately noticed how sore and stiff I was. I hadn't felt so much pain since... Never. New record, then. I smiled lightly, then winced because my face hurt, then realized the wince was hurting just as much and tried to make myself as expressionless as possible. Marina was still asleep on the brown couch across the room. Why was she there again? I laid still, unwilling to move, and replayed the events of the last few days in my head. Mevolent returned. I was tortured by him, escaped in a lucky prison break, barely avoided being killed by some mage whose power was laughter- Jubilance Glee, that was the one- and then...
That was when things really got crazy.

Silent tears began to stream down my face. Mevolent had controlled me, and... I had killed... My own family... I quickly pushed the experience to the back of my mind and moved on, though I still couldn't keep myself from crying. I forced myself to get up and stumbled into the bathroom. One glance in the mirror and I was reminded of why the tears stung my cheeks so painfully; I had a whole host of scars on my face that were relatively new.

"Good thing I'm not looking for a boyfriend," I murmured to myself, then reminded myself to shut up so as not to wake Marina. Even if I was, I continued in my head, no potential boyfriend of mine would turn me away for some silly little scars. There was only one scar I was really worried about... I turned my head slightly to get a better view of my neck. The binding symbol was still intact. Then why haven't I tried to kill anyone yet? I wondered to myself.

Maybe that strange man who had kidnapped me yesterday had something to do with it. I was in prison, and he had just showed up out of the blue and broken me out. He never even said a word to me, or told me who he was, yet he was somehow powerful enough to kill three Cleavers instantly... Then he tried to hit me with a hot iron rod for some reason, and Rosa had pulled me out of the way. I'd had some weird days in the past, but that one definitely took the cake.

At least Rosa had brought some backup from the Sanctuary; the strange man had fled, and Rosa apologized for being so rash and upfront with her emotions before she left. I had told her not to worry, but also that I wasn't really into girls... I hoped she was feeling okay. That must've been embarrassing for her.

I cleaned myself up as best I could- there were spots of blood all over my face I hadn't bothered to wash away, particularly one very old splash of blood by the scar on my neck that I was sure wasn't mine- donned a bright blue shirt with my usual black pants and leather jacket, and rushed off to catch the next train to New York. I left a scribbled note on the door for Marina; she knew how to find me if she felt it necessary. I took a deep breath as I closed the front door as silently as possible behind me. This was going to be a really awkward day at work...


  1. [cues scary music]

    Mevo's messing with memories, the maggot-minded mudface!

    This was intriguing, Ari. Glad you're back!

    1. Thank you very much! *throws rosepetals all over everyone* MC needs a bit of a boost, don't you think? Time to write like it's NaNoWriMo again!! (I think that was meant to be some kind of a clever joke or something, but I'm not even sure. You probably shouldn't even listen to me right now, I'm sick and therefore mildly more delusional than usual. Oh well.)

      Also... Who says it was Mevolent? That's not to say that it isn't, but even if it was, why would he do that? Hmm... I wonder... *evil grin*

    2. Rosa doesn't start with M.

      Neither does Niccolo.

      Therefore, it must be Mevolent simply because alliteration.

      [Don't correct me if I'm horribly wrong.]

  2. Eh you do not want to know what Mevolent is capable of if he is messing with memories i shall try harder to kill him

  3. *Thinks of Messing with Memories in Mevolent's perspective*
    He's such a jerk! Now I don't think Ari remembers me or Ian or Ren and what if it was... ******?!