Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Molliana Dust - Casually Plummeting To Her Death

Molliana screamed as she fell through the air, the wind whipping her hair back. She forced herself to stay calm. It was her own fault though. She shouldn't have jumped of the top of a twenty storey building anyway.

Damn instinct.

As she was plummenting to her death, she reached out a hand. It scraped off the wall, drawing blood. She hissed in pain and grabbed a window sill. Her body whacked against the wall and she almost let go. She hung there, breathing heavily. With shaking limbs, she pushed herself onto the window sill. She collapsed and tried to get her energy back. She felt weak. She was hungry, too. And all she wanted was some tea or something. Maybe a nice biscuit. With chocolate. Something to give her energy.

Molliana glanced in the window. She couldn't see anyone, but she was only looking at a fraction of a huge hallway. There could be fifty of Mevo's men there.

She decided it was worth the risk and opened the window slowly. She looked around. Nobody there. Thank God. Molliana crept in and dropped to the ground, landing in a crouch.

She stood up and ran down the hall, trying to be quiet. Molliana was an amazing sprinter - she had won numerous awards when she was younger. She had learned the art of being silent while running from Maralie, who she used to babysit. When Maralie was 6, they would play hide and seek, and Maralie loved it when Molliana crept up behind her. For some reason, she didn't get scared. So Molliana was now thanking her lucky stars that she could run quietly. Hopefully she wouldn't get caught.

Molliana heard something and ducked just as a knife hit the wall in front of her. She turned to see a girl around her age, wearing black. She had long black hair and was clutching two knifes in her hand. Molliana cursed and bolted down another hall. She heard footsteps and jumped, just missing the knife by inches.

"That's very dangerous!" Molliana called teasingly. "Weren't you told not to play with knifes?"

Another knife flew past her head.

"Guess not," she muttered.

She saw the front door and, looking back and giving the girl a wink, ran out and saw Ashton's motorbike. Taking out the keys she stole from his wardrobe, she grinned.

She loved motorbikes.

Mollie didn't die! :3
She's too awesome to die. *nods*
~ Mara xx


  1. Motorbikes. [laughs]

    Yay for Mollie not being dead!!!!!!...yet.

    [tacklehugs Mara]

    1. I crashed a motorbike once. *nods* I bit through my lip. It hurt. *winces*
      Well, technically, it wasn't a motorbike. It was a quad. And it was a kiddie quad. And you pushed it to get it to work. But still!


      *tacklehugs back*

    2. I crashed a quad when in grade four... Into a pear tree... Chipping two teeth... Had to go to hospital... So close to brain damage... Oh, and I didn't have a helmet on when my head cracked against the tree...