Sunday, March 24, 2013

Molliana Dust - Escaping From A Wardrobe, As You Do

Molliana started to hyperventilate as she brought her knees to her chest inside the tiny wardrobe. Her breathing was shaky and she was getting claustrophobic.

After Ashton had fallen to (ahem) his death, one of Mevolent's lackeys had come along and locked her in the rather small wardrobe. So she was stuck in this stupid wardrobe because of stupid Mevolent who had killed stupid Ashton because of his stupidity.

She bit her lip as a whimper escaped her mouth. She was going to panic. She knew she was. She was going to panic and nobody would hear her or save her from the tiny wardrobe.

There was a thump and she froze. Another thump. A yell. Molliana closed her eyes tightly and leaned against the door. She was scared. She was probably going to die in there.

There was another yell, from a different person. They were getting louder. Closer. Panicked, she opened her eyes and felt around for something. Anything.

Her hand found something cylinder shaped, and wood. Better than nothing. She heard a clink as she moved it, and paused. There was something at the bottom. Something metal.

Was it a shovel?

She frowned. Who put a shovel in a wardrobe? She shrugged and began to whack the shovel off the wardrobe.

The footsteps got louder and Molliana's moves got more frenzied, trying to get the hell out of there.

A hole was eventually punched through the wood, and Molliana began to hit harder, her arms aching.

Light started to pool into the wardrobe. Molliana knocked out another piece of wood, and looked at it. She could get out. She was free of the tiny space.

She stuck her head through first, checking to see if anyone was there. The talking was further away now, and Molliana could breath again. Her arms, body and eventually legs went through. She crawled out, and took a few deep breaths. She was out. A sliver of a smile appeared on her lips. Claustrophobia was her biggest weakness, and it felt like she had conquered it, in a way.

She looked at the shovel and found it was a rake. But the thing that scared her the most is, it was covered in dry blood.

And the blood wasn't hers.

Ooohhhh tension...

~ Mara x


  1. Aah, tension!


    (Yup, those scare me more than the blood on the rake.)

    Cool chapter :)


    I don't blame you! :P Mollie's just cool that way XD

    Danke! :)

  3. That was an interesting ending. [pretends to be completely unfrightened] I'm not scared. Mmm hmm. Wh-What was that? Oh, my shoe. Okay.

    Nice chapter, Mararararararararara!

    1. Shoes are very scary. *nods*

      Danke Fabigail! :D


    1. *scowls* Blame the door! It was in my way!

      I have to admit, claustrophobia did get the best of me. But it's fun breaking stuff. *shrugs*