Monday, March 4, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Home Home Home

(Nice short one! I have the big thing later if i have the snowstorm...

The whole Sanctuary was chaos. Nobody knew what to do and when. There was so much to be done in so little time. The west was going to be taken if they didn't act fast. And time was of the essence. Zafira was at home. It was best for her. She honestly felt like crap to the point of not being able to move. She wasn't sure why. She'd been through hell and back and yet she was calm. She hoped Mevolent didn't realize how she planned to stop him. Violent yes but it must be done. She didn't think it'd end well if he got hold of her. Again. Lest he know her true colors.

Mevolent was alone. He was planning to get that damn Necromancer on his side somehow. He needed Justaria to come out and he couldn't do it how he'd like. Doctor Nye confirmed it had sealed Zafira's true name so any thoughts of using it against her were out. He needed to retrace how she became Justaria. Her father would best know since he kept an eye on her a lot during the years she was Justaria. Mevolent had only assumed she was strong. Never anymore. And he planned to get her back.

Zafira was still at home. Javier was laying with her and they watched the blizzard come out. It was cool. Zafira loved winter strangly nobody knew why though. And surely Mevolent wouldn't send an army through this storm? Surely.
"Javier I love you."
"Love you too Zaf. Go back to sleep you still are weak." Zafira felt Javier close to her and slept.


  1. Dude, the west is not going down, otherwise I go ballistic and kill people. Or at the very least, characters. [Plots to kill off characters]

    And having Mevolent trace back the history of Justaria is a good idea on his part. This was a good chapter, if a bit short. I look forward to the possibility of an upcoming long one!

  2. Cute ending!

    And u agree with Fabi, good idea to trace it back!

    I wonder how she actually became Justaria.