Saturday, March 2, 2013

Faeris/Fabi: Directing Traffic

     Faeris heard Mr. Bliss's voice, unmistakable, and stumbled back in shock. He was dead, everybody knew that. Then again everybody had known that Mevolent was dead too, and everybody had been wrong. Her foot slipped, and she fell with a loud crash. She groaned and rolled, making herself small and hiding under the stairs. 
     The kill-or-die girl dashed straight through and out the door. She seemed a bit...hurried. Fine by Faeris, though. Maybe she could make it out of this mess after all. She sat up, bonking her head on the low stair, wincing in pain, and triggering an anvil to swing back and forth across the hall, hitting the wall with repetitive loud thumps. 
     "Stupid traps, bleeding anvils," Faeris muttered, flattening herself to the floor, and hoping it didn't come her way. That was not cool. She should be right in front of the anvil, stabbing it or shooting it or something. Of course, it was an anvil, which meant that neither of those methods would be bleeding effective. Stupid hunks of metal.
     It had made too much noise, Faeris heard the shuffling and freak of the door above, and went back under the stairs. It was as good a hiding place as any. This time, it was the ink-puddle girl. Faeris's fists clenched. She would make Ink pay, pay for stabbing her, pay for nearly blinding her with that ink of hers, pay for being, in general, utterly annoying. Faeris thought about  killing her and started to laugh, but stopped and put her hand to her side. Ouch.
     To challenge or not to challenge? Faeris decided to see if there was an opportunity to kill her instantly. She didn't like her chances of fighting Ink for any length of time. No opportunity presented itself, however, as Ink heard something and started off towards the exit.
     Faeris cocked her head, banging it against the staircase, crying out and stepping out from under there to try again. Take two: Faeris cocked her head. There were indeed screams of people outside. Bleeding good for them. It was about time someone other than Faeris had something worth screaming about. More feet began shuffling down the stairs. Aevil's fist! Was she going to have to continue this all day? Faeris ducked under the stairs, again. 
     Fabi felt weak all over, except in her head. Well, not her head, her head hurt like Metis was hammering out Athena's shield inside of it, but her brain didn't hurt, and she was too busy thinking about how ridiculous Bliss the potato was (he had been supposed to be the strongest man once, and now he was...a potato???) to feel pain. It was good to have something to laugh at, until she felt guilty for being impolite enough to be laughing at the poor starchy tuberous crop. She laughed again.
     Only it wasn't a laugh, more of a quake. Her shoulders shook and her breath came out in quick gasps. She wasn't even sure it was laughter anymore.
     Fabigail was crying. Eff could see that much through the tiny hole in reality. Annoying the Midnight Princess hadn't done much except get her in trouble. She glanced around, hoping the guards wouldn't find her.
     "Fabi!" she hissed, but the sound didn't carry down to the living world, why would it? Why wouldn't it do what Eff wanted it to? And then she heard it, Fabi's voice singing...Oh, she recognized it now, that song for the dead in a war...Flanders' Fields.
    "The larks still bravely singing fly
     Scarce heard amid the guns below"

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   Eff joined in, not sure if Fabi would be able to hear, "We are the dead..." Was Fabi dying? She looked in bad shape, and she had been dropped on the floor a lot. No, she was injured but not that badly. She was giving up! Not cool.
     "Take up your quarrel with the foe..." Don't stop Fabi! I know I didn't say this earlier, but I really don't want Mevolent to win! Oh, and Silver is a double-dealing traitor! Just thought I should warn you. Eff though all of that, but didn't say it
     "To you from failing hands we throw..." I know perfectly well I'm not getting out of here anytime soon, and I'll be lucky if they don't bind my soul somehow. Use the Force, Fabigail.
     "The torch be yours to hold it high..." Fabi, you've got this, you're stronger than you give yourself credit for. 'Course, you've also done some pretty idiotic things, like trusting me, but you've got a good head on your shoulders.
     "If ye break faith with us who die..." If you fail, I will make your ghosthood miserable, Fabigail.
     Here, Fabi broke off the song, and Eff continued. "We shall not sleep, though poppies blow in Flanders' fields, in Flanders' Fields."
     She heard a dead twig snap and turned around to see that one of the guards had found her. "FABIGAIL, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE COMPANY!" she shouted, hoping Fabi would hear her and get the message: Ember Silver + Liberty Wit = Bad. She turned back to the guard as more surrounded her. "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"


  1. LOL
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    Great chapter Fabi! Keep it up!

    1. Eff and her Star Wars quotes. XD

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