Monday, March 25, 2013

Death, meet Death

Death had always known that her body had a mind of its own, especially when it came to chocolate, so that’s why she was only a tiny bit surprised to see her body stumble into her cell. “We meet again,” Death (the soul in the hippy’s body) said.
Her body looked back at her with exasperation. “How don’t you get mad with this thing? I’ve already killed more people than I’ve met!”
“Me, that makes no sense…” She said to it.
Her body sighed. “It’s me!”
“I know you’re Me, that’s why I called you Me.”
“It’s Ren, y’know, Ren Clairvoyant?” Her body put its hands on its hips.
Death looked at her body and smirked. “Now you’re calling yourself my friend… I don’t get you, Me. What did I ever do to you?!”
“You committed suicide, you got both your arms torn off, you punched yourself in the face several times-”
“Okay!” Death (not the body) said and rolled her eyes. “So I’ve been mean and bad and evil and unhappy and suicidal and strange to you. Why are you calling yourself Ren? He died by Bob Hitler! DAMN YOU HITLER!!” She yelled and shook her fist at the black roof.
“What’s all that racket about?!” Someone yelled from outside. How did Me get in here anyway?
“Nothing! I’m talking to myself!” It was true after all… Her body walked up to her and slapped her. “And now I’m slapping myself! All just very… Uh… Deathly things!”
She heard a sigh and footsteps fading into the distance. She looked at her body and it looked back with brown eyes… Brown eyes?! I did not have brown eyes! I have blue eyes! “REN! IT IS YOU!”
“No duh,” he- she meant she, he, it said.
Death got suddenly embarrassed for calling it an it. “Can you still read my mind?”
It shook its head, full of long golden brown hair… She envied it… “No, that man who you call Bob Hitler, he took my magic from me. He also murdered me, if you didn’t notice.”
She smiled sadly. “I noticed. I cried. I hit Ian.”
“I’m not a psychic but I know you’re lying.”
“Yeah, I did notice and that’s all. How, I mean why are you in my body? And how?” Death (the soul) was stumped.
“I saw you jump off that damned cliff, I was about to push you away but you were hugged by that bloody menace. You jumped and I went down to meet you but you ignored me and then got sucked into that… What did Aretha call it…? The snow globe? Yeah, well, you know that part. I sat there for about ten minutes and then decided that you’d be dead and Ian would kill-”
“No!” Death shouted. “He wouldn’t!”
It looked at her sceptically, “he would Death.”
She didn’t want to say it; she really didn’t want to say it. “Ian is dead.”
“What?!” It shouted in alarm.
“This is before you came to me. The,” she made quotation marks in the air with her cuffed hands; “menace killed him and absorbed him into himself.” Did that make sense? “The guy, his name is Diablo von Imperse. He can impersonate anyone by killing them… That means he can get his victims’ powers but less intense.”
Its face looked like it was a drowning fish. “How do you know that?!”
“I went into his body,” she said quietly, “and saw everything. At least you didn’t kiss him!”
“Oh God,” it said. “No, NO!” It glared at her head and she ducked just in time… Mirrors reflected her glaring power and she’d been angry at her reflection so many times she had gotten ducking…
“How can you use my power?!” She half-screamed.
Ren’s, her, its eyebrows pulled together. “I don’t know… I thought you’d know that.”
Death huffed. “This is the weirdest day of my life. Almost as weird as the word weird…”


  1. Well, there you have it... The secret about Ian...

  2. Ah it make sense now!

    Cool chapter!!!

    you might need a snow glob and another person to help you (soul Death) get back into your body, and of course get Ren out.

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!! :D ... :'( poor Ian!!!

  3. Ian didn't even know me! He was killed before the war!
    *Cry turns into a sob*



    *tilts head* I would've been real confuzzled if I was Death in that situation... XD

    Great chapter! :D

  5. I have been through more confusing things than that... A tomato with no face screamed as I cut it with a knife... It didn't have a face and it was.... weird...

  6. Sorry this comment is late~

    Whoa. I was not expecting that. Wait, if Ian wasn't Ian... That makes no sense. I'm going to stop attempting to understand this mind-boggling (or perhaps it's just that I'm tired) chapter, and just eagerly anticipate the next one.

  7. Ian wasn't Ian throughout the whole war. He was murdered by Diablo von Impurse before this started. Ren didn't notice. That's why Ian (Diablo) went to find me in the first place. He knew what would happen and who would do what at any given moment. He knew that he would be murdered after the proposal... DOES THAT MEAN I'M MARRIED TO HIM NOW?!
    Well, anyhow, if he kills someone, he can absorb them (their personalities, their natural thoughts and a bit of their power). When the absorbed body dies, Diablo returns to Diablo instead of dying.... DAMN YOU!!!!!!!