Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ebenezer Snooke: One Direction Left To Go

((Short compared to my usual pieces...like very short...))

Liam Payne came back inside from the special box they kept him in at night. He checked his phone and sighed. Scrolling through the messages, he saw one that made his motionless blood freeze over. It was a message from someone he never thought he would hear from again. A summon. Not sure what to do, he went to Louis and Niall, showing them the summon.

Liam probably wouldn't admit it, but Snooke creeped him out. he approached the building on stiff legs which threatened to give out beneath him. Niall pushed him forward. Liam had been the one to drag the three of them there, so it was best if they got this over and done with as soon as possible. The three young men made their way to the top floor of a manky set of flats and waited patiently outside a door with an Atomic Kittens poster on it. You never knock on Snooke's door. You wait for him to open it. He somehow always knew when people would be there. Maybe it was because no-one was ever late for a meeting with him, or if they were caught in traffic they would let him know before hand. Snooke opened the door and beckoned the three in. He gestured for them to sit in a worn yet undamaged sofa and he sat opposite them in an armchair. His fingers were steepled before him, but the way he glanced at the clock gave the impression Liam was not the only one he had wanted to see. After a few minutes, Liam sighed. "Ebenezer?"
The man regarded him with a cold glare. People Ebenezer turned were the only people who ever heard him speak. He smiled and got up, moving to the door.

Two people walked in. One was a bewildered man with a shock of red hair, the other a woman with an eyepatch and long mud-brown hair. They sat next to Louis and waited patiently for the moment Snooke might finally speak. He didn't. He handed the woman a thick file. She opened it and handed each of the gathered five a sheet. Each one had a target victim on it. The woman grinned mischievously. "Mevolent's lot." She explained to Liam, Louis and Niall. "Ebenezer's very anti-Mevolent. Sorry you've been roped into this."
Liam shrugged. "He wants to use me as a vampire against this guy then?"
The woman looked at the back of her sheet. "They have names on the back. See? This one says M. Firegem. This is my target."
Louis checked his. It also had Firegem's name on it, so he passed it back to her. Three of the sheets had her name on them, the other two had Liam's. He shook his head quickly. "I'm not killing anyone."
"This is a kill or be killed world, kid." The Australian redhead snapped. Firegem smiled.
"If they know you're associated with Snooke, you will be killed anyway."
Snooke grinned. The text he had sent Liam included a lovely sentence. 'You owe me.' Perhaps it would be simple enough to just position him just before night and let the vampire inside do the dirty work. It wouldn't be without its risks and complications, but still...

((Uh...killing ahoy!))


  1. This is a bit strange, not just your chapter, the whole thing, a Skulduggery Pleasant/One Direction fanfic. [laughs]

    That'd be Mildred, right? Or was I not supposed to say that? [frowns]

    And why does Liam owe Snooke...? Or is that something you already mentioned and I just forgot?


  2. The owing thing is meant to remain secret until later :P

    Yes, Mildred :P Mildred and Ursa.