Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fabi: Directing Even More Traffic

      The clack of bootsteps hitting a tile floor.

      The tip of the knife snagged the collar of Faeris's crocodile-skin jacket and she threw it off behind her. The man in the ponytail stopped for about three seconds to slice the jacket to shreds and Faeris wondered if he was more interested in it than her. 
     Stupid jacket. It was all its fault. Unfortunately, in stopping to observe this, Faeris stopped for a second. A bleeding second, and the man just about caught up. Faeris turned suddenly, hoping to throw him off track and stumbled into the storeroom. 

     Faeris saw Library Kit coming towards her, and whipped out the last of the paralysis spray. Livery crumpled to the ground unable to control her own movements, unable attack Faeris with that infamous gist of hers.

     "Elizabeth!" The blonde girl screamed, losing interest in Fabi for a split second.

     In that instant, Faeris knew she was doomed. The blonde girl sped towards her fallen sister while the crocodile-hating Necromancer came from behind...
     Star blinked, not exactly sure who was on which side anymore. Ember attacking Fabi, well, that had been unexpected, to say the least. And now Enemy was on the scene again, fighting Ember and a shifty-looking man with a long ponytail.
     Ink saw that Enemy didn't stand a chance and didn't bother going to help, instead, she decided to check on Fabi, who wasn't likely to be trustable or anything, but was considerably less creepy than soul-eating torture-planning dead-raising Ember. Also, Star was partially responsible for dropping her on the floor a lot. 
     Fabi's eyes were closed, but her toes were wiggling, which meant she wasn't dead. She muttered under her breath something that was completely incomprehensible, then forced out the words a bit louder. "Eff...voice. Bargain. Liberty...she'll stand more of a chance than I...useless." Fabi's body jolted violently and then fell still. Star was about to inform Fabi that she wasn't useless because metal bumblebees and swords and flyswatters, even if she hadn't been at her best since Effie, she had been the one to finally get her out of the way. Wait, Effie? Fabi had said something...Eff..voice? And earlier...the ghost was right? Fabi must be going crazy...the universe must be going crazy, since the ghost had been right...or maybe it had been part of Fabi's subconscious making a lucky guess. Or maybe...
     Mortis smiled grimly as Wilbur slashed across Faeris Wile's throat. It was nicer to be out killing with Garnet and Jayden, of course, but killing with Wilbur... It gave him a feeling that could best be described as satisfaction. He looked around and made sure nobody else in the room was going to attack him (he'd suspected the blonde girl might, for the same reasons he and Wilbur stabbed all things crocodile, revenge for a murder they'd wanted to commit personally and swordally). After seeing that they were busy fighting each other, he left them to do that (he'd just been passing by on his way to meet up with Jayden Slander, but he had to kill the woman in the crocodile jacket. For all the usual reasons).
     As he walked out of the house, using the reflection in Wilbur to keep an eye behind him, he thought he saw something small and brown roll down the hallway. He turned, to see nothing. Must've been his imagination.

     Effie raised both hands in mock surrender. "Okay, okay. How 'bout this: You're petite, not short and I'm outta here?"
     "Not so fast." Darth Sinistra decapitated the stormtrooper with one swift slash of her light saber. Of course, it wasn't a stormtrooper or a lightsaber or a Darth, but Eff didn't really care. Star Wars was cool. Even though many movies now had awesome special effects, Star Wars had been a revolution in movie-making (Eff loved revolutions...sometimes) and deserved to be honored and recognized and all that jazz. Whatever Disney was planning excepted, of course.
     They took her down quickly, like they had been ordered to. It was less of a challenge than expected, one swipe of Sinistra's sword, and Effie's ghost flickered out. The Midnight Princess probably wouldn't appreciate the loss of one of her subjects, but from what Sinistra had heard, Eff had been annoying to her. Any punishment she ordered would be extremely mild, probably just a day or so in the mirror. Nothing Sinistra couldn't handle.



  1. Cool, I liked it. Your chapters always seem to have some level of amusingness to them.

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  3. I just did do something with him. In fact I posted it up just now.

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