Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fabi: Directing the Last bit of Traffic and taking a nap!

     Star whirled around in time to see Enemy's body hit the floor. She prepared to summon some ink in case Ember or Ponytail decided to attack her, too, but neither did. Ember was too busy being furious and making sure Liberty was okay and Ponytail was leaving already, muttering something about slandering crocodiles...? Star must have heard incorrectly. At any rate, he did not seem to be attacking anybody. Weird that he'd just randomly dropped in to kill Enemy and then walked off like nothing was unusual, but Star couldn't really complain.
     Bliss the potato rolled down the hallway, ready to make someone explain things. He was not a dim-witted man, he knew when there was a major conflict going on, and he needed to know which of the villains was rising now. He'd had a sneaking suspicion that after Mevolent's remaining generals had both fallen there would be some sort of pact between all the villains left. The Diablerie had been unwilling to do a massive collaboration, hence Batu and his plan. 
     Thankfully, that hadn't worked out...at least, Mr. Bliss sincerely doubted it. The members of whatever alliance/club/group/revolution this was had been here too long to be running from Faceless Ones.
     A shifty-looking guy in a ponytail walked by, wiping blood off his knife. He stumbled for a moment, then ducked as an anvil swung down from the ceiling. Bliss had to roll quickly to avoid becoming mashed potatoes. Why was he a tuberous crop, anyway? The blonde-haired girl who'd brought him back from the dead hadn't exactly explained and the others didn't seem to know.
     The man in the ponytail left, unharmed by the anvil, and Bliss continued rolling in the direction the man had come from, the direction he thought most of them had gone.
     "Hey, you!" Maeve looked over her shoulder, but there was no one behind her. "Yeah, you with the jacket that used to be purple!"
     Maeve whirled, eyes darting. "Who are you? Where are you?"
     The girl appeared in front of her, flickering up from nothing with a laugh. "Ah, sorry about that. If forgotten I'd illusioned myself to look like a speck of dust! How silly of me!" 
     "Okay then." Maeve had seen odder. Heck, she was odder, in a sense. "So, what do you want?"
     "I need you to haunt, if you wouldn't mind. It's for a good cause and all, the anti-Mevolent one?"
     "What do you want me to do?" Maeve raised an eyebrow. This sounded like fun, and maybe she could get some revenge on Kelley while she was at it. She wasn't so stupid as to just agree to it without knowing what she was doing, though. "And why can't you do it yourself?"
     "Mevolent did something to my body, and I'm not exactly on the Midnight Princess' good side." Eff spoke matter-of-factly, almost laughing at it all. "Plus, I have this really crazy idea and I need to be here to do it."
     "And having me haunt isn't really crazy? You still haven't mentioned what I'll be doing." 
     "That's because I don't really care, I just want you to give Silver exactly what she deserves. Which iS something she doesn't like, I don't care the specifics. See, she betrayed Fabienne S."
     "I'm sorry, who?"
     "Fabienne S. The spy who escaped Mevolent's lair before it became a trend. She's famous, you hear???"
     "Um, sure. And you are?"
     "Monty Maloney. But Silver knows me as Effie." Eff wasn't really named Monty Maloney, she'd come up with that on the spot, but Effrancia Devastine wasn't her real name, either. 'Course, she had the paperwork to prove she was both if necessary.
     "Sure. I'm Charlie." Maeve raised an eyebrow. She used to interrogate for the Sanctuary, before she'd faked her own death and gone hunting for Raeza. She knew a lie when she saw one.
     "W-what?" Maeve laughed. This 'Effie' wasn't used to people knowing when she wasn't telling the truth. 
     "Okay, Ophelia Double, right? I'll bug this Silver person for you. Now how do I get out of here?"
     Eff collected her shock and didn't let it show. So this Sanctuary agent knew who she was. Cool. "That is my most widely-known name, yes. And thanks!" She strode off, leaving Maeve dashing to keep up. 
     "Where are we going?" Maeve demanded, slightly low on breath. What was her problem, Eff wasn't walking that fast. She turned around, slowing for a second.
     "Only a loophole in reality. It's your ticket out of here, assuming the princess lets you. She probably will, though. She appreciates revenge, and probably isn't too happy with Silver either."
     "Why am I the one doing this? It's your problem, don't you want to handle it?"
     Eff's face darkened, and Maeve stepped back, twirling a strand of her long dark hair in anxiety. She was scared of Effie. Everyone was scared of Effie! Even Fabi was scare of Effie! I mean, Eff had threatened to turn her over to Mevolent and kill her and all, but that wasn't even her, that had been Mevo taking over her head. Anyway, Fabi had killed Eff killed her, and Effie wasn't mad, not in the slightest. Or scared, for that matter. If it had been just her or just her fighting, without that internal struggle with Mev the Mad, Eff would've easily won. Fabi had plenty of strategies, yes, but Effie always had a random twist of some sort up her sleeve.
     "A-are you alright?" The random twist in front of her looked concerned.
     Eff's fave cleared instantly. "I'm perfectly fine. Let's go."

     N~ I've had this chapter done for a while, sorry I didn't post it sooner. It just occurred to me that I randomly switch from Maeve's perspective to both to Effie's in the last section. Whoops! Also, I know this is a really weird chapter with a random twist. That is because Eff took over my brain and she has a weird sense of humour. Sorry about that! Also, the first bit is (obviously) set before Mortis as Jayden went off to kill Vex. I'm doing my usual time-free writing. :-/ So...yeah. Star/Ember, you can write something now. :-)


  1. Amusing as always and the way this is going is interesting and can't wait to see what happens next :)

  2. Thanks :-)

    I just realized I have absolutely no idea what Maeve's power is! It's something weird, though, definitely. [Ponders]

  3. Making multi-coloured flashes in people's faces making them have epileptic fits?