Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zafira Kerias: Dying

Zafira stood facing the rocks. The mages watched her. She was the one to look to now. Mevolent's forces were coming. They picked this secluded place so that the mortals are safe from harm. They had learned the day and date at least. Now to wait. After hours of waiting it was nearly time Zafira faced the agents.
"If any of us die today we die to protect ourselves from Mevolent. If we stand we can win. Do not be afraid to use lethal force. Cleavers! Use lethal force." She turned and stood beside Javier. They stayed hand and hand until Mevolent's forces marched in. Mevolent himself was leading the charge. Zafira closed her eyes then opened them. She cried out
"ATTACK!!!" And her forces charged into battle. Javier and her fought side by side never letting each other from sight. Zafira and him sought out Mevolent. As he is 8 feet tall it wasn't difficult to find him. He had a sword but it wasn't the god-killer. Seeing Zafira he easily defeated the agent who fought him. Zafira sent shadow knives his way but they didn't penetrate the armor. Taking the advantage of that he drew his sword and stabbed her deeply in the stomach. She fell to her knees her hands over the wound. Javier focused on Mevolent and attacked him but even Javier's attacks didnt work. When he lost focus he saw Zafira laying on the ground. The agents soon realized Zafira was beaten.
"The Grand Mage has fallen! Retreat and you can live." Mevolent called. Javier picked up his wife and carried her with help from some people. It was hard to tell if she'd live through it. Probabilities were slim. Upon entering the Sanctuary she was given to the doctors. Javier paced the room nervous for his wife.

Hours passed. Finally the doctor came
"The Grand Mage is alive...barely. If she had been there few minutes linger she'd have lost too much blood. She'll wake in an hour." Javier nodded and waited by her side. She was pale but she looked alive.

(HAHAAH did you think Zaf was gonna die? FOOLS i vowed Derek will have dibs on killing her heheheh)


  1. *screams*


    Great chapter! :D

  2. Chapter review: *Gasp* Had me so on edge, but part of me didn't believe you would kill her. Good old brain was like 'nope, her main character? not gonna happen'. Excellent.

    Subject: A scene/chapter/thing between Zaf and Ravel

    Sounds like fun :P

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  3. Rather dramatic chapter, I suppose. Your writing has certainly improved exponentially from your first few chapters here.