Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Molliana Dust/Ashton Fatality - She's A Rebel

"Give me the phone!" Molliana yelled, yanking at the mobile which was currently in Ashton's hands.

"No!" Ashton yelled back, clutching the phone to his chest.

"GIVE ME THE PHONE!" Molliana screamed, tackling him.

"NO!" he shouted, kicking her. She fell back and crashed into the wall, yelping in surprise.

She growled and leaped, tackling Ashton to the ground.

"Get off!" Ashton shoved her away and threw her phone at the wall. It shattered into a million tiny pieces.

Molliana stared at Ashton, her eyes narrowing.

"You broke my phone."

"You were going to-"

"You broke my phone," Molliana said slowly.

"Because you were going to call someone to bring you back to England!" Ashton replied, running his hand through his hair. "And Mevo would've killed me for not killing you!"

Ashton's eyes widened and Molliana sighed.

"Ash, did you seriously think I didn't know you were working for him?"

"Not willingly," Ashton said defensively.

"Mmm," Molliana muttered, staring mournfully at her shattered phone.

"How's your hip?" Ashton asked, sitting on the bed.

"Sore," Molliana replied. "But it'll get better."

"Yeah," Ashton mumbled.

It was silent for a while. All you could hear was Ashton shuffling his feet and occasionally Molliana letting out a small moan in pain.

"Are you... okay?" Ashton frowned after the fourth moan.

"Yeah," Molliana muttered. "I'm-"

She suddenly let out a scream, so blood-curdling that Ashton gasped and ran over to her.

"Mollie!" he yelled as she crumbled to the ground.

"Ashton," Mevolent smiled at him from the window. "You have completed your mission. Thank you."

Ashton screamed and tackled him, both of them flying out the window, falling onto the hard ground below.

Molliana moaned and heaved herself off the ground. She looked around. "Ash?"

She stumbled over to the window payne (hehe) and screamed as she saw Ashton lying on the ground, blood everywhere.

He was most definitely dead.



  1. She's a rebel, she's a sa-aint, she's the salt of the Earth and she's dangerous...(First thing I thought of when I saw the title was a Greenday song...)

    ASHTON, NUUU!!!...meh...

    Cool chapter, by the way :) I liked it. I could really sense the emotions of the characters.

    1. Greenday is awesome, so YAY!

      Ashton is that creep that everyone loves to not like...

      Thanks B-J! :))

  2. ...I often like the people that are supposed to be hated...I'm strange like that...


    Yous is welcomes.

  3. So that's who you were going to kill. Eep. I never really liked Ashton, but I didn't want him DEAD! Poor Mollie! Mevolent's bad! Thanks, Captain Obvious! [was talking to self]

    Well done, in a nononono onononononoononkn way.