Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maralie Lily Charm - "Are you saying I'm fat?"

"You have a horse?" Harry asked, eyes wide.

"Yep," Maralie smiled. "Jesy. She's a Shetland."

"That is so cool," Harry grinned. "Can you teach me to horseride?"

Maralie gave him a look. "Harry, she's a Shetland."


"Shetlands are small."

"What's your point?"

"You're tall."


"You'd most likely kill Jesy if you tried to ride her."

Harry's eyes narrowed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Maralie threw her hands up in exasperation. "It means you can't ride Jesy!"

"Don't be selfish."

"How am I being selfish?!"

"You want Jesy all to yourself!"

"No, I just don't want her to die!"

"It's not like I'd kill her!"

"You probably would!"

"Are you saying I'm fat?"

"Oh my Golden GOD!" Maralie sighed, falling onto the couch. "You can't ride Jesy because she's a small horse and you're a big person. I'm a small person. I can ride her. End of story."

Harry sulked.

"Harry," Maralie scolded. "Do you want to see Jesy or not?"

"Do," Harry muttered.

"Okay," Maralie held out her hand. "Let's go."

They teleported and Harry stumbled backwards, pale as a ghost.

"I'll never get used to that," he mumbled.

"C'mon!" Maralie said impatiently. Harry looked around. They were in a field. God knows why they were here.

"Jesy should be in here," Maralie continued, vaulting over the fence. Oh yeah. The horse. Right.

Harry followed, still feeling a bit sick. Maralie skipped over to another field, calling, "Jesy!"

They heard a neigh and Maralie grinned as a white pony ran over.

"Jesy!" she exclaimed, rubbing her. "You came back, you clever thing."

"Came back," Harry frowned.

"Hmm?" Maralie said, turning to look at Harry. She had forgotten he was here. "Oh. Yeah, we were chasing some evil butterflies and we kinda left her near an old house." she winced.


"Ember and I," Maralie nodded.


"September Silver,"

"Damn, do you all have strange names?" Harry chuckled. Maralie gave him a look.

"Oh, like Styles is an ordinary last name," she stuck her tongue out at him.

"It is!" he insisted.

"Sure it is," Maralie laughed, turning her attention back to Jesy.

Harry scowled. "It is so!"

"Yep," Maralie nodded, not paying any attention. "Of course."

"Maralieeeeee," he whined.

"Harryyyyyyy," Maralie mocked.

Jesy neighed and Maralie looked at Harry. "Can you get her some food for me? It's in the shed over there."

"Okay," Harry sighed playfully, walking off. Maralie smiled before rubbing Jesy again.

Harry walked into the shed. Food. Where was it? Aha. He spotted it behind a box. He went over and picked it up, just as something hard hit his head and everything went black.

lol no.

Harry felt a sharp pain on the back of his head. He cried out and spun, blood dripping down his back. A man stood there with a gun and a broken bottle in his hand. Harry's eyes widened as the man grabbed him and disappeared in an explosion of shadows.


~ Mara x



    Possible slight overreaction there, but can't wait to see where this is going.

    Quick question, effects how long it will be before I update again. Were you going to write in Liam,Niall and Louis' departure or do I do that?

    1. I have a really depressing chapter coming up... like, extremely depressing. :/

      It won't really effect anything in my story whoever does it, so I don't mind :)

  2. I'll do it then :)

    ooh, depressing chapters are always appealing...well, they're going to have something interesting happen in them. So yeah, ooooh!

    1. Okay:)

      Uh, it's VERY depressing. *winces*

    2. Noooooo! Not a depressing chapter! [shrieks and hides under a cat]

    3. Fabigail, you KNOW which chapter I'm talking about! XD

    4. Nonononononononononononono!

      [runs away]


  3. Harry has been harrynaped!

    DUN DUN DAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    explosion of shadows

    I like that like very effective! It gives an awesome picture!!!

    a short but interesting chapter! :D I want to find why they harrynaped Harry!

    1. Harrynaped! XD brilliant!

      Thank you! :)


  4. NOOOO! It started off with your usual Charmingly funny conversation, then badness! No kidnapping Harry, evil shadow-dude! Not cool, no messing with Harralie!

    1. By badness I mean I hate evil shadow dude, the writing was still good. :-)

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Even I don't want Harry gone!