Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fabi: Directing More Traffic

     It wasn't an enemy Fabi had been running from, it was Star Inkbright. She was chewing the skin around her fingernails, and wondering what to do about the fact that one of her allies was dead.
     Ember was evil, of course, but she hadn't been Mevolent evil, just normal evil which should usually be avoided, but could maybe be helpful in getting rid of Mevolent evilness. Not trusted, though. Definitely not.
     Her name started with E, just like Enemy and Eff and Evil. Alliteration could be extremely helpful sometimes.
     Running footsteps off to her left. Had that corridor been there before, or was it part of the Evil conspiracE (which Star had given herself, under whatever authority the Evil Detector had, permission to invent the name of.)? Either way, it was there now. Maybe Eff had had an illusion spell that had faded only now. Either way, somebody had just ran down the corridor at an alarming speed, so Star should probably take a look, see who it was, and either attack/join forces with them as necessary.
      Fabi crouched in a huddle, shivering. How had she gotten over here?
     "Um, Fabi. Ember did say that moving was a not-so-good idea, and she was a healer, even I'd she was very evil and creepy, so it might be wise to listen to what she said." Oops, maybe mentioning that was a bad idea. "Don't worry, she didn't betray us, too. Not like..."
     "Fabigail, you're gonna have company."
     "Oookaay." Star had no idea what Fabi was talking about, aside from the obvious Star-Warsness of it. Something Eff had said after hitting Ink on the head?
     Footsteps echoed through the corridor and Fabi's face went pale. "The g-ghost wa-was ri-ight..."  

     The exit, finally. Faeris was done with this stupid house and its bleeding anvils. The inhabitants were no better. Faeris was sick of the stupid Pink girl and her stupid ink puddles. Nearly blinding/drowning/stabbing Faeris to death was just plain rude. That girl with the initial was no better! Why wouldn't she bleeding die? Fadi was just...cheating the way she kept not getting herself killed! And that girl who wanted to kill people had no sense of manners, and was just plain creepy! And the potato, don't get Faeris started on the potato! It was astonishing how the once strongest man in the world was now a bleeding vegetable! It was simply wrong! What did that blonde girl think she was doing, messing with the dead? 
     Faeris stopped on the porch, pulled out her phone and answered it. "Hello?"
     "Faeris! You haven't been bitten by a vampire!"
     "'Course not, Tony! Even a bleeding vamp knows better than to try something like that!"
     "Is that how you say hello now, Fae?"
     "No, sorry. Hello."
     "That's much better. Now, tell me what's wrong and I'll see how I can help."
     Faeris heard a rustling and muttered a quick "Sorry, I have to go," before hanging up.
     She looked around, trying to place the sound, when the knife came out of nowhere.
     "Stupid bleeding shadows," Faeris muttered and ducked, trying to dodge around the man in the 
ponytail. It was no use, he was simply not letting her slip by. Back into the house then. Just great. 
     Fabi looked up again as Ember entered the room, Liberty behind her. The determination, the expression on her face... The syringe she grasped tightly in her hand... Fabi screamed. That was new, she hadn't known she could scream anymore and was surprised she hadn't done it much sooner. 
     "It's okay, Fabi. They're actually there, not ghosts of your imagination." Star was clearly shocked as well, but she was attempting to be a responsible and in charge-ish person. Fabi was certainly in no shape to take that role.
    Ember lunged forward, much faster than Fabi could dodge. Moving before had been a bad idea. She'd never admit it, though, not if she could help it. The point melted off the syringe, spilling a drop of stainless steel on Fabi's forehead. Ember grinned, and her hands began to glow.


  1. Ooh, that was cool, I liked it. I got lost at the beginning, but that probably has something to do with myself and tiredness and stress and the fact I've just been filling my reading quota for the day because after a point I just become incapable of reading anymore...


    Aaanyway, can't wait for the next installment ^^

  2. What's going to happen next?

    I can't wait for more!!!