Sunday, March 3, 2013

Charisma Thorne ~ Ah.

Charisma Thorne – Ah.

Charisma went cold. She knew that voice – and it wasn’t one she liked. Not one bit. Summoning fire again, she slowly turned to face the man sat at her table, where Rosinda and she had sat mere hours previously. He was exactly as she remembered him – except for one tiny thing. He was there, and he wasn’t. He kind of shimmered, light flickering and flitting around him. It was like he had found a way to manipulate the very atmosphere itself, making it bend to his will. Just the kind of stuck up, self centred thing he would do. But how … Charisma couldn’t even begin to work out how he’d managed it – though she figured her pushing him off a train might’ve had something to do with it.

Snapping back to reality, she kept her eyes focused on him. ‘He’ was Vitarius Decridio. She had her own special reasons for hating him – not only the fact the he was almost as evil as Mevolent himself. His motives were never clear till the last crucial second – the second when it counted most. Decridio had, to put it bluntly, literally ruined her life. Most of the bad things that had happened to her had been his fault. Even though he was quiet handsome, she still hated him – she hated him for killing all bar one of her friends, and for killing the only boy she’d ever cared about. She had loved Chris so much – but he went up against Decridio, and well, going up against him isn’t a good plan. And she supposed one of the reasons Decridio killed Chris so violently was because – well, she couldn’t hide it any longer. Vitarius Decridio had been her first boyfriend.

They’d been bought up in the same neighbourhood, had the same magic lessons, their parents were friends. Rosinda had been friends with him as well, an when they were all 14, she was always telling her that he so obviously liked her – and she was right: he asked her out, and she said yes. They went out for two years – but then Charisma met Chrissius, and the relationship with Decridio had been kind of falling apart for a while, and Charisma realised how much she really liked Chris. And one day, after yet another argument with Vitarius, she dumped him. Decridio was seriously angry, but he seemed to accept it, and still spoke to her, even when she started going out with Chrissius a few week later.

Chris and Charisma had been going out for three and a half years, and everyone said that Chris was surely going to propose soon - but then it happened.


  1. Ooh. Your chapters are very enjoyable and thrilling. Can't wait to read more :) Good work.

  2. Whoa. Now THAT'S a plot. [nods in approval]